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Full NameSpecial Forces Group 2
Mod FeaturesMoney
Latest Version4.21
RequireAndroid 5.0+
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Special Forces Group 2 is an exciting 3D shooting action game from Forge Games, which continues the great success in part 1. The game has the familiar game modes with the fierce battle between terrorism and police. Besides, it retains maps from the original version but changes some things like interface, characters, zombies, weapons, equipment. This will definitely be a great experience for those who love mobile shooter. Let’s experience this fascinating game right away!

Special Forces Group 2 apk


How to play Special Force Group 2

In Special Force Group 2, you will play a good shooter, who destroys all the terrorists and restore peace to the world. With your favourite gun, you have to fight enemies on the other side of the battle line. All players in a Special Forces Group 2 match will be divided into two sides including Terrorist and Counter-Terrorist. In which, you have to prevent enemy plots from destroying the world. In this war, military skills and bravery are always the key factors.

As mentioned above, your main job is to use the weapons to destroy the enemy. The ability to move, reflex and accuracy are the keys to winning. You have to master the principles of each weapon to help you make the most of your strengths and exploit the disadvantages of the enemy. For example, if you use AK47, you have to shoot very hard. Otherwise, the recoil of the gun will be very high that makes you miss all the bullets. You can target the chest and shoot one by one because of the AK47’s damage power. With only 1 member in the head, the enemy will die.

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The highlights of Special Force Group 2

Diverse weapons and equipment systems

The weapon system of the game is also extremely diverse. With hundreds of modern military guns, Special Forces Group 2 offers endless shooting experiences for players. Besides, there are hundreds of skins for guns to make your weapons more interesting. In addition, bulletproof vests and caps are also necessary items for you on the battlefield. You should consider and buy the best equipment for minimizing your wounds in the battle.

Special Forces Group 2 game mod

Attractive game modes

Special Forces Group 2 has 5 exciting game modes including team battles, mortals, robbing flags, zombies and bombing. In addition, there are more than 20 maps for players to enjoy. The first 4 modes may have become too familiar to shooters. As for the Bombing mode, the Terrorists will try to place a bomb at certain points. If the Terrorists let bombs explode successfully or kill the entire enemy team, Terrorists win and vice versa.

Special Forces Group 2 mod android

Diverse characters

In addition, Special Forces Group 2 has 6 characters and 5 zombie types. In order to possess these characters, you have to fight a lot, have lots of money and unlock them. Moreover, the different design characters will give you new vivid gaming experience.

Special Forces Group 2 android game

Easy controls

In the game, the control is not difficult compared to other shooter games on the phone because this game is supported with flexible joystick rotate in 4 directions. In which, the top left of the screen is a symbol of the weapons which you can quickly get the right weapon, attack the opponent and retreat.

The typical graphics of shooting games

With great first-shooter 3D graphics, it can be said Special Forces Group 2 gives you the most authentic gaming experience. If you have ever had a great childhood with a game Half-life, you will definitely recognize similarities to this game such as an abundance house, empty land…

Special Forces Group 2 best game

The latest updates in Special Forces Group 2 APK MOD:

  • MOD Unlimited Money: Gamers can unlock weapons and characters with an unlimited budget.
  • Add 2 maps including Nuke and Winter
  • Improving the ranking feature
  • Add 1 Swat skin
  • Improve AI in bomb mode and some effects
  • Set the viewfinder size

Special Forces Group 2 mod ap


At present, even though the game’s graphics are not the most advanced and not too prominent compared to other FPS, it is still one of the best FPS games with a huge number of players. Besides, the game provides unique gameplay, beautiful graphics and many advanced features. You will find and download both the original version and APK MOD version https://cloud.mail.ru/public/chEX/zFdnu1QvBat the bottom of this article. If you have any question about the game, please leave a comment below. Thanks and have a fun game!

New update:
Improved stability
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