Stickman Hook APK MOD (Unlocked Skins) v3.7.1

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Stickman Hook is a great simulation game on Android, which was developed by Madbox from France. This game is for players who like patience and dexterity. If you are on a taxi or a bus and want to find some simple game to kill time, Stickman Hook is a perfect choice for you. Let’s check it right now!

Stickman Hook apk


The gameplay

Stickman Hook has very simple but fun gameplay. In which, you have to control a stickman swinging from a position to another. Your way of moving is like Spider-Man. You will control him to jumps, swing on the strings hanging at the “key points” on the wall. The rope may be long or short depending on your jump. After that, you swing to the left or right to try to move forward. When you reach the destination, you have passed the level.

Stickman Hook apk mod gameplay

Diverse challenges

Currently, Stickman Hook has more than 100 levels with a lot of different challenges. Each level does not have too many differences apart from changing the design of spring hooks or pads. You need to adapt and master the space if you want to win the game. In fact, many players have passed 50 levels without encountering any difficulties. However, the higher the level is, the bigger the reward will be. However, the difficulty of the game will not increase too much. This is something that makes me confused. Hopefully, in the coming versions, the publisher will create more challenging levels to make the game more interesting.

Stickman Hook apk mod challenger

The obstacles in the game

Stickman Hook doesn’t have many obstacles and deadly traps. The only way you die is to fall down onto the ground. But that is not easy because the game has many levels. You can only die when falling to the last floor. In my opinion, you do not always need to hook a rope. Instead, to save time, you should jump a long shot and only hook when really needed.

In addition to the key points on the wall, there are many spring pads underneath. Note that you should only jump on the white pads. When you jump in the right place, it will push you forward a great distance. So instead of hook and swing, you can choose this way to move faster. Be careful because if you don’t hit the pad, you will fall down on the ground and lose the game.

Interesting Stickman characters

Like most Stickman games, the character system for you to unlock in the game is extremely diverse. There are over 30 characters with funny postures waiting for you to unlock. You can choose Spiderman, Batman, Samurai or any interesting animations characters.

To simplify the process of unlocking characters, we provide you with Stickman Hook APK MOD (Unlocked Skins). In this version, the game brings you all unlocked character skins. You do not need to care about it anymore but focus on overcoming the challenges of the game.

Stickman Hook apk mod skin

The simple graphics

Like other stick man games, Stickman Hook has minimalist graphics. All you see is a stickman, ropes, some pads and some key points on the 2D screen. While hovering over the screen, the stickman turns into a red ball. When you reach the destination, the stickman will turn into a superman, a batman or something as well as perform funny dances. Besides, the music is also funny, which contributes to the interesting gameplay. Besides, the simple graphics make this game quite light. It can run well on medium or low-end devices.

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Stickman Hook is one of the most adventurous stickman games that you have ever played. If you want to challenge your ingenuity or simply want to find a game to entertain, Stickman Hook is a perfect choice. The game is available on both Google Play and App Store. Besides, we provide you with the Mod version of the game, which will provide you with more advanced features than in the original version. You can download the game at the link below! Thanks and have fun!

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