Stretch Guy MOD APK (No Ads) is a new game from the popular developer Yso Corp. This game gives you a lot of different emotions, such as funny, humorous, wicked drinks or even inhibition during play. In the game, your task is quite simple, which is to control a rubber guy to the right position. It sounds strange and easy. However, it will make you stuck with the unique gameplay. Please join us to find out more about the game right now!

Stretch Guy apk

The gameplay

In the game, you will play the guy, Stretch Guy. He is made of rubber with high elasticity, so you can stretch his legs and arms, hold onto the hero and move. His 4 parts are like 4 suckers that can be attached to the wall to prevent the character from falling. However, it is also because of the elasticity that you need to be very cautious. If the stretch is too tight, once you release him, the character will shoot people in the distance according to the inertia. Also, it is easy to bump into dangerous things. In each level, your goal is to bring Stretch Guy’s face to the location. There are many pitfalls so you have to be careful to avoid. The trap system is very diverse. You can encounter the sharp saw blade that cuts off any part of your body if you accidentally touch it.

Stretch Guy gameplay

The notable points of the game

At this point, players should pay attention to the colors on the face of Stretch Guy: Blue is good; yellow means that you are near the danger zone; and Red is the time to rethink your movement strategy. Also, you should not stretch your arms or legs too tight, or they will be cut. Any part of the body is cut off, the level is over.

Besides, the difficulty of the game will increase gradually. In some levels, you will encounter an explosive block or cannon. If you see a block of dynamite, you should take a torch, ignite it to explode to break the obstacle. If you see or the

cannon, you can take the bullet into the barrel to break the walls. They will help you get the way to go to the required location and many other interesting items.

Moreover, it is best to avoid getting close to the saw blades. Any part of the character touches the saw, the level is over. Also, there will be nothing more annoying than when you get close to the finish line and then return because you carelessly bumped into the blade.

Because it’s made of rubber, hitting a bullet won’t kill you. However, your body can deflect shots and cause them to miss what you are aiming for.

Stretch Guy level


The game’s graphics are designed somewhat similar to the game Cut The Rope. In which the images are simply. In complex levels, they can be annoying. However, Stretch Guy gives you gameplay that is unlike any other game I have experienced before. If you are looking for a game for entertainment, stress relief, Stretch Guy will be a great suggestion.

Stretch Guy graphics

The MOD feature

No Ads: In this mod version, ads will not annoy and interrupt your gameplay any more because Stretch Guy MOD APK (No Ads) will remove them completely. Readers can download it at the link below. Have a fun game!


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