Super Flashlight APK- LED v3.4

Super Flashlight APK is a flashlight application for Android. It can run smoothly on most operating system versions. Moreover, it is free to use. After High-Powered Torch (Flashlight), Color Flashlight, Flashlight HD LED and Brightest LED Flashlight, Super Flashlight continues to be a flashlight application for Android devices. It brings extremely convenience to users. Although not as many users as the other apps, most of those who have experienced Super Flashlight are quite satisfied with its features.

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The key features of Super Flashlight APK

Basically, Super Flashlight APK possesses a fairly small setup, does not consume much memory and battery. Also, this app supports the LED light comes with a number of effects, such as strobe lights, neon lights… and works similar to a normal flashlight. Therefore, users can be assured that every time you move in low-light areas, Super Flashlight works properly. Besides, Super Flashlight is a flashlight application that turns your Android phone into a bright flashlight capable of lighting in the dark or during power off. Also, Super Flashlight uses LEDs for very good light intensity. You can turn on/off conveniently like when you use a real flashlight. In which, Strobe / Blinking Mode allows you to adjust the frequency of the lights flashing.

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Call alert function

Super Flashlight APK has an alert function for incoming calls. At this point, the LED flashlight will blink when someone calls you. It allows you to adjust the frequency for the Flash. Also, you can turn on and off the lamp very quickly by Flashlight widget, which will be on your home screen. The LED flashlight will have maximum brightness. You can activate with a simple tap.

Some other interesting features:

  • Alarm signal mode.
  • Strobe light mode.
  • Neon light mode with different colors.
  • Support on-screen widget, allowing gentle touch on the device screen to turn on / off the light.
  • Simple, convenient, and similar to a real flashlight.
  • Intuitive, friendly interface.

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In general, for LED lighting applications for phones, we do not have many points and features to mention. These apps mostly give us better lighting ability. Super Flashlight is different, which gives users more options such as multicolor mode, call alert, or alarm signals. Readers can download the game at the link below.

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