Super Mario Run MOD (All Unlocked) v3.0.23

Full NameSuper Mario Run
PublisherNintendo Co., Ltd.
Mod FeaturesAll Unlocked
Latest Version3.0.23
RequireAndroid 4.4+
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Super Mario Run is a new fun game, which was released at the end of December 2016 by Nintendo publisher. It is now available for iOS devices (with iPhone and iPad devices) and Windows computers. By mid-2017, the game had officially been available on Android devices with more than 2 million downloads worldwide. Let’s together with to find out the great things in Super Mario Run for Andoird!

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Super Mario Run apk


How to play Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run for Android remains the main character of the game, which is the funny Mario – a nice plumber. In this game, Mario will have to constantly move forward, overcome traps, jump on the heads of mushrooms or monsters to destroy them and collect gold. In addition to facing monsters on the way, it is impossible not to mention the terrible boss battles at the end of each level. Besides, gamers will be adventurous through many different areas including plains, caves, haunted houses, castles… to bring extremely new and challenging experiences.

Super Mario Run gameplay

How to play Super Mario Run effectively

How to gain more points

In this Super Mario Run game, the points can be used to buy other items. So, gamers have to try to complete all the daily tasks as well as some tasks related to media, social networks such as inviting more players, competing points with Friends… Besides, you can try to join the Toad Rally game mode where you will have to play solo with any other player in Nintendo’s server. In addition, you try to collect all the gold coins as well as another pink, purple and black coins to maximize the points you can get.

How to get more coins

Playing and missing a coin in a map will definitely happen, so you have to replay a certain map to get the maximum number of coins. In which, you try to move in the direction of the arrow to eat coins. Similar to the above suggestion, it is to join Toad Rally daily to earn more coins. The last solution is to deposit. You have just opened more maps, maximum level and get rewarded right away 3000 coins.

Super Mario Run gameapk

What is the function of Coin in Super Mario Run?

As mentioned above, Coin in the game Super Mario Run is used to purchase additional items such as decorations, castles… However, you must join the challenge and unlock certain items before you can buy them.

Therefore, you can assume that joining Toad Rally will have many advantages. So you try to collect enough Coin Challenger and items available in Toad Rally.

The key features

The game world

Besides the normal maps, the game also has underground running screens in which the player will have to control Mario to run through the tube, dodge the human-carnivore, and go to the higher floors to keep away from enemies ahead. Besides, players can also run to snow mountain maps or icy rivers. They are designed very vividly to bring excitement to players.

Super Mario Run mod android

The attractive game modes

World Tour mode

  • Run and jump over the mushroom kingdom to save Peach Princess from the clutches of the evil Bowser character.
  • Endless running through various terrains, different environments like plains, caves, haunted houses, hot air balloons, castles and more.
  • Playing 6 worlds with 24 screens designed for players to experience complete comfort with one hand. If you want to access all 6 worlds in Super Mario Run, users have to buy with real money.

Road Rally mode

  • In this mode, you will have to demonstrate Mario’s movement styles and compete with friends or challenge gamers around the world.
  • Challenging mode with different forms of competitions in each map.
  • Besides, the ultimate goal is not to go through the game but to collect as many coins as possible to win. If you get an impressive number of score, the Toad will come to live in your kingdom. If you lose, you will be deducted from the amount of Toad.
  • To play the Toad Rally mode, you need a Rally Ticket ticket that can be earned in a variety of ways, either from World Tour mode or through the sub-games in the kingdom.

Super Mario Run mode

Kingdom Builder Mode

  • Collect coins and the Toad to build your own kingdom.
  • Create your own kingdom with buildings as well as decorate it with the help of Toad earned from Toad Rally mode.
  • More than 100 types of items in Kingdom Builder mode for gamers to explore.

The characters

In the game, you will see that there are many characters like Luigi, Yoshi, Toadette, Toad and Princess Peach. However, you need to meet certain conditions to unlock them as below:

  • To unlock Luigi, you need to have 150 Green Toad and 150 Purple Toad in Toad Rally mode.
  • With Yoshi, you need 30 Green Toad and 30 Golden Toad.
  • Toadette needs 200 Red Toad, 200 Blue Toad and 200 Green Toad.
  • As for Princess Peach, you have to finish the entire World Tour.

The simple control system

In order to control Super Mario Run on mobile devices, you only need one hand to handle. The regulations are:

  • Simply tap the screen to perform a low jump, or let Mario automatically jump over the monsters in the map.
  • Touch and hold the screen to jump high.
  • When you meet a lot of parallel and closed water pipes, you do the same operation several times. Mario will jump up and cling to the wall of water pipes then jump in the opposite direction. In this way, your Mario can pass 2 high water pipes.

The graphics and sound

Super Mario Run gives players a beautiful graphics background with wonderful colours and vivid designs of obstacles. Besides, the soundtrack is considered to be quite funny, still retains the original music background of the PC version.

Super Mario Run graphics

Super Mario Run apk mod


Super Mario Run for Android has fully recalled memories of the game on the PC. The game brings lots of laughter. When you get used to it, you will be very addicted to the fascinating gameplay. Although the game is free, there are some features you can buy with cash. If you have any questions about the game, please leave a comment below. Do not forget to visit our website for more interesting games and apps! Thanks and have a fun game!

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