Full Name简影_Video Editor
Mod FeaturesMở khóa tất cả
Latest Version1.7.5
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SwallMovie Video Editor (简影 Video Editor) is the most famous Tiktok video-editing application today. It is produced by Jianyingyoushi – a publisher from China. SwallMovie Video Editor has covered almost all over the world, especially on the developed Tik Tok social networks, such as the US, India… The app allows users to quickly create videos. Besides, Tiktok bases on existing videos in its way. Are you ready to become a famous Tiktoker? Let’s get started now with 简影 _Video Editor!

How to download 简影 Video Editor

Step 1: Download the APK file of the application at the end of the article. For iPhone and iPad users, you can download directly from the App Store.

Step 2: A new window appears that displays the access request. At this point, please select the item “next” then click “install“. Finally, wait for the application to install.

The manual 简影 Video Editor

Step 1: After opening the file: At the main interface, you will see the available effects, quickly glance at them and choose the sample video to start editing. Although the interface of 分类 _Video Editor is all Chinese, you can get acquainted quite quickly.

分类_Video Editor download 3

Step 2: After choosing your favorite video template, users can go to the info page. In which you can select the red bar below the screen to start editing.

分类_Video Editor download 4

Step 3: In the editor, you can click on the video icon below to select an image or video to combine.

简影_Video Editor download 5 简影_Video Editor download 6

Step 4: Review the video: If you are satisfied, please click on the text on the top right of the screen to save the clip. After that, a window appears. At this point, users click on the text on the right. Finally, click the red button to proceed to save the clip to your device.

简影_Video Editor download 5_Video Editor download 7 简影_Video Editor download 8 简影_Video Editor download 9

Note: If you are using a Xiaomi mobile device, it is possible to download the app directly from the Xiaomi app market.


We have just introduced to you how to install and use the application 简影 _Video Editor. Overall, 简影 _Video Editor is quite difficult for beginners when the interface is entirely in Chinese. However, you will get used to it after a short time of experience. It is exactly a great tool to help you have a professional Tiktok video. Besides, MODGAMEAPK.NET offers you the MOD (Unlocked) version. You get the full effect for free

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