Tactical Three Kingdoms is an interesting strategy game from the developer Qookka Games. It takes the theme of the War of the Three Kingdoms with many familiar characters in this novel. Currently, the game is available on many platforms, such as Android, IOS, and PC. It has a capacity of 1GB but also conveys quite a full range of conflicts between the powers of the Three Kingdoms period. Please join us to find out more about Three Kingdoms Tactics in this article right now!

Three Kingdoms Tactics apk download

The gameplay

In this article, we are going to talk about Three Kingdoms Tactics Mobile. This version mainly revolves around the ability to control the generals, successfully occupying every inch of land on the map. However, in terms of the spectacular and strategy, Three Kingdoms Tactics truly reflects the essence of a general. Specifically, he will observe each enemy’s moves on the vast Chinese desert and give the right tactic for defeating them all.

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A large map

Besides, the game has an extremely large map with a vivid background. You can see it in detail, from the pristine jungle ways to the majestic natural wonders such as Yangtze river, Great Wall… Also, all the citadels and landscapes are shown authentically with a unique design. This must be the best attractive feature that gamers cannot give up in the game.

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The generals system

In Tactical Three Kingdoms, the game also made a strong impression on the massive system of famous generals at the end of the Han Dynasty. Specifically,

players can enjoy many great generals such as Guan Yu, Cao Cao, Liu Bei, Lu Bu… Moreover, the also brings the image of female generals, like Diao Chan. This is the most comprehensive character system. All of these generals possess different strengths and abilities. From time to time, these abilities will sometimes be an important trap to change the situation of chaos.

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Game mode

With the multiplayer mode, the campaign system also brings a more epic experience. In which, you will fight with dozens of armies simultaneously progress to attack the target. Especially with the open map system, gamers will easily deploy the battlefield to carry out dangerous tactics, such as ambushing the enemy or stealing the enemy’s food so that they do not fight back. Especially, Three Kingdoms Tactics said no to “Pay to Win”. Therefore, it completely removes the VIP mode. That is the reason why gamers want to live in an era of chaos, free fighting of the game, can rely on real power and strategy only.

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In general, Tactical Three Kingdoms is a rare game that can portray the Three Kingdoms’s war honestly, with intensive and quality characters. Currently, the game is available in some countries. If the game is not available in your country, please download Tactical Three Kingdoms APK at the link below. Have a fun game!

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