Tango APK – Live Video Broadcasts v6.28

Tango is a social network that connects users over the world through a feature to watch and stream LiveStream directly. In the app, multifunction messaging makes it easy to contact and brings people closer. Besides, Tango APK allows users to easily connect with friends and family members or make new friends. Specifically, you can make video and voice calls, send messages, play games, send music messages supported by Spotify and a lot of other activities. Moreover, they are all for free.

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Multifunctional messaging

If you are looking for a good messenger that can do many features, Tango is a great choice for you. In this app, users can chat all night, send photos or videos, record your voice, send your favorite music and even share current location with others.

Besides, you can watch and stream Live Stream easily, interactively give gifts, receive gifts directly on Live Stream. It can be said that Tango is a superhot LiveStream social network with Western youth. With Tango, you can watch the LiveStream of everyone in the world, easily make friends and chat together. Moreover, users can also stream live 24/24, show your talent and interests for everyone to see. Fỏm that, it not only reduces the pressure of life but also attracts fans, helping you become famous in the Tango community.

In particular, during the LiveStream, the audience can interact with gifts, express their love by adding money to Tango and sending cute stickers such as hearts, cars, pearls, emoticons and other special items for Live Streamer. The recipient of the gift can also be exchanged for a bonus, earning additional income.

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Many icons, stickers, cute gif images, unique on Tango

In Tango, icons, stickers, and gifs are very cute and diverse. They will help you freely express emotions in your conversation without being limited. Common expressions like happy, sad, angry, heart are expressed through different characters like a cat, dinosaur, dog, etc. Besides, the gif images are in different topics, help you choose suitable emotion quickly, manipulate texting more conveniently.

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Diverse photo filters

Tango brings users a rich picture filter in the photography section. They include nostalgic color filters, cartoons, black and white. Also, some funny effects make the photo more interesting, such as distorting your face, making your face enlarged for example. From there, you can create photos with many different styles and are much more playful when shooting with Tango.

Share status with photos, music…

If you like to share your daily life on social networks, users can post with your favorite music, interesting photos or videos on the personal page with Tango. Besides, friends in the Tango community will get to know you better, helping people get closer to each other.

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Follow and receive updates about your idols

Do you often watch a guy or girl’s LiveStream on Tango and start loving him? Follow that friend to be able to update more about this person, learn more about the status lines and photos of the daily life around them. It is very simple to follow them. At this point, you just need to click on the page of your favorite person and choose the tracking text.


Tango APK allows users to download and only takes a few seconds to register. With just one touch, you can invite your friends via email or text to join Tango. Also, your friends will receive a private invitation and when they sign up, users can interact with them immediately. If your friend has installed the app on their device, their name will appear in your Tango Contacts. You can touch the name and start Tango. Moreover, you can also chat online with friends conveniently. Readers can download the game at the link below.

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