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New update : Add new Tank / Fix Bugs

Tank battle is always an attractive topic for gamers of all ages by extreme gameplay and spectacular graphics. Besides, the combination and co-operation elements are very interesting. Today, modgameapk.net would like to bring to you the great online tank game named Tank Raid Online – the latest 3D multiplayer tank game from WolfFun developer. This is a new and unique free MOBA tank shooting game on mobile. In the game, you will lead your tank force to fight in many different game modes, battlefields, destroy opponents and win glory. Let’s find it out right now!

Tank Raid Online apk


The gameplay

In this multiplayer mobile game, you will become the general that controls the tank army to join the legendary arenas of the galaxy. In which, you can use the most advanced weapons and missiles, transform into a robot and become a destroyer and dominate the era of weapons. All are waiting for you in the game Tank Raid Online.

In Tank Raid Online, the matches take place quite quickly when it only lasts about 5 minutes. So, it is suitable for those who have less free time but still want to find something fun and intense. With the first 3 minutes, you will focus on gathering experience point, upgrading equipment, weapons for the tank. After that, in the last 2 minutes, it is the time to starts the challenging battle for glory. In which, you have to avoid attacks from enemies as well as find a way to counter-attack them effectively.

By winning battles, gamers will receive experience point to level up and unlock new powerful weapons. Tank Raid Online is not a simple game. In which, players do not think that bigger guns will win because this game also requires a lot of skills, teamwork and tactics. You should train more and more.

Tank Raid Online apk mod gameplay

The control mechanism

In the game, players can connect to the game system and other features by using quick control system and simple operations. Besides, Tank Raid also offers a game like a real MOBA. In which, each tank type has a different skill set. You can completely create a different skill set or weapons according to your play style. They all contribute to a fun and customizable gameplay.

Attractive game modes

  • 3v3 Galaxy Football: In this mode, you have to occupy a crystal ball in the middle of the map, hold and shoot to oppose enemy teams. This is a highly competitive football shooting game.
  • 3v3 Team Deathmatch: Earn points for your team by eliminating opponents, fighting to absorb the ultimate power of galaxy stones appearing at the last minute of the match. The team with the higher points will win the game.
  • 1v4 Solo Deathmatch: In this mode, there are 5 players fighting in a round arena on Galaxy. To win the game, you can upgrade your tank’s damage and HP indicators by 10% by owning a galaxy stone or stealing it from others.
  • The 1v4 Solo Survival: This mode will soon be added to the game.

Tank Raid Online apk mod mode

The diverse tanks and weapons collections

In addition to the epic battle scenes, Tank Raid Online has a diverse system of more than 20 tanks with different weapons. In each match, you have to try to win the game or destroy more enemies to get more rewards. Thereby, you can upgrade the vehicles and weapons to win in every match. In particular, gamers have to pay attention to collect wooden boxes. In which, you can receive missiles, ammunition, blood… They help your battle easier.

Tank Raid Online apk mod upgrade

The graphics and sound

Tank Raid Online possesses beautiful 3D graphics, smooth and elaborate images. It surely impresses you right at first sight. In particular, Tank Raid Online is not difficult because the game system is well-optimized. It can run smoothly without any jerky lag. Besides, the sound of the game is extremely amazing. All the gunfire, fire sounds are described authentic.

Tank Raid Online mod apk graphics

The key features

  • Over 7 beautiful arenas on Galaxy
  • Be creative with your strategy by deploying tactics.
  • There are more than 20 tanks, each with unique attack skills, with 15 powerful weapons (constantly updated in the near future).
  • Fight solo with online players around the world or play with friends.
  • Upgrade your tanks and weapons to boost the game process
  • Chat and collaborate with other tank heroes through the in-game chat function.
  • Multi-platform games: Play games on your phone or PC.
  • Win: Everyone in Tank Raid Online is equal to win. However, it depends much on tactics and skills.
  • Update game content monthly
  • The game provides daily and weekly championship system where you can compete with 20 others to receive attractive rewards.
  • Collect cards to upgrade your favourite tanks and skills as well as compete for higher rankings in your country and world rankings.

The new feature of Tank Raid Online Premium APK MOD

  • Mod: Live/Blood
  • Add Battle Ticket system: Players have the opportunity to get the x10 coins in battle.
  • Edit the input name and select the language for new players.
  • Improve game performance.
  • Fix bullet load error.

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Tank Raid Online is a special game with unique gameplay, beautiful 3D graphics and diverse game modes. Besides, it has a series of the beautiful and extremely spectacular effect that you have never seen in any games before. Unlike other tank games with quite stressful gameplay, Tank Raid Online brings entertainment and comfort to players but still features the most intensive battle. You can download Tank Raid Online Premium version APK MOD to experience more advanced features than in the original version. Thanks and have a fun game!

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