Tappy Bear APK MOD v1.2

Tappy Bear APK is a fun game from Sound of Clouds (SoS). It has cute 2D graphics and fast gameplay, which is suitable for those who want to find a quick and entertaining game to relieve stress. Tappy Bear APK pays attention to simplicity. It is also the type of game from Saygames or Ketchapp. Please join withModgameapk.net to find it out right now!

Tappy Bear APK mod download

The game content

Once upon a time, there was a small grizzly bear walking on a waterfall near his house. At that time, a group of wicked fish was also starting to swim upstream. These fish are colourful and look quite cute. But don’t be fooled by their looks. They have sharp teeth and are ready to bite anything on the way. This scared the little bear because he had never seen such evil creatures. But little bears are very hungry and ready to fight to be filled.

The gameplay

In the game, your task is to touch the screen left to right to move the bear to catch the fish. But the fish is swimming up. Because you have to race against time, you need to touch the screen quickly to be able to capture as many fish as possible. Occasionally, large fishes will try to target you. At this point, gamers have to move the little bear quickly to catch them all. But don’t worry because you will hear scary sounds to announce the arrival of these fishes before they approach you.

Tappy Bear APK mod content download

The graphics and sound

Tappy Bear APK is designed with a 2D graphics system, with a minimal but colourful cartoon style and funny effects. Besides, the attractive jazz soundtrack will bring you super exciting gaming experience. You can both relieve stress by feeding the bear and enjoy the great music.

Tappy Bear APK MOD gameplay downloasd

If you like this game, please download it as Tappy Bear APK at the bottom of the article. Do not forget to visit our website regularly for more interesting games and apps! Thanks and have fun!

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