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Full NameTeamfight Tactics: League of Legends Strategy Game
PublisherRiot Games, Inc
Mod FeaturesNo
Latest Version11.23.4090111
RequireAndroid 7.0+
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Teamfight Tactics is a great game from the publisher Riot Games. Right from the launch, its PC version has become a new breeze for the gaming community in the world. As survival games such as PUBG gradually tended to drop, Auto Chess and Underlord started to go up, but only Teamfight Tactics Mobile can create positive effects in the game market. At the moment, this game is available on both Android and IOS operating systems. Besides, would like to provide you with the APK file of the game for free named Teamfight Tactics APK. Please join us to find it out right now!

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Teamfight Tactics mobile apk


The gameplay

In general, the gameplay of Teamfight Tactics on mobile is similar to the PC version. It is a tactical battle mode in the form of the classic 8×8 chessboard of League of Legends. In the game, players have to play and accumulate gold coins to buy heroes and combine them into a complete army. After that, you can take the chess pieces to the battlefield and fight with other players.

Teamfight Tactics mobile apk gameplay

The key features of Teamfight Tactics Mobile

How to find a champion

You have two ways to get a champion in Teamfight Tactics Mobile:

  • Picking up for free in the market (Appears after a few rounds).
  • Buy in-store right in the match.


  • Champions will be sold for one gold to five gold, depending on the rarity, or some mechanism of the game that I have not yet learned clearly.
  • Chess has three levels from 1 star to 3 stars. In Level 1, they are small; in level 2, they are large; in level 3, they will have the gold aura.
  • When you have all 3 of the same type, the game will match it to the next level (if the game does not match itself, you can drag one of the 3 to the empty box then it will match). For example, 3 Yasuo 1 * becomes 1 Yasuo 2 *, 3 Yasuo 2 * will become 1 Yasuo 3 *.

Teamfight Tactics mobile apk champions

How to find equipment

Like champions, you have two ways to equip equipment in the game:

  • It will fall out during battles.
  • Get free in “Market”

Gamers can drag and drop an item onto a champion, which will help him equip it (Max 3 item/champion). Small pieces will merge into bigger items when you put it in the same champion.

Note: When you sell a champion, you will not lose equipment.

Teamfight Tactics mobile apk equipment

How the battle happens

  • The game will give you about 30 seconds before each stage to arrange the squad and prepare everything for the battle.
  • The generals will automatically fight and use skills.
  • At the end of the battle, the winner will shoot at the other side’s Little Legend. Which side loses all blood will lose both the game and exit the game.

How the champions use skills

  • When the bar is full, champions use their unique skills.
  • The energy bar increases whenever the champion uses basic attacks.
  • Some equipment, such as the Goddess Tears, will boost the energy.
  • The intrinsic will reduce enemy energy.

How to create a satisfactory squad

  • In addition to boosting champions, combining champions will be the key to a good formation.
  • The generals will be divided into Tribe and System. Combining the generals with Tribe and System will have the intrinsic of that group.
  • When you place a champion on the table, the combined Tribe and System will appear on the left margin, making it easier for you to find the combination direction.
  • A champion can possess both the Tribe and the System’s intrinsic at the same time. These two branches are not related to each other. So, you can use them in parallel.
  • Example: When your squad has Ashe, Braum, Kindred, you will have:

-Presence 25% of stunning from Ice race (Ashe and Braum)

-Last 25% chance to double the attack speed of the Archers (Ashe and Kindred).

How to find money of Teamfight Tactics Mobile

  • Money (Gold) is the consumer unit in each game in Teamfight Tactics Mobile.
  • You earn money after each round (If there are Pirate Generals in the team, it will add more money).
  • Also, you collect money by selling the generals.

What is the use of money?

  • Buy champions in the store
  • Refresh the store to find the champion you want (2 Gold/turn)
  • Increased experience for Little Legend to level up (4 Gold/time)

Teamfight Tactics mobile apk money

How to increase the number of champions in the squad

  • Increased Primary Legend will increase the number of generals that will battle (After each stage, you will receive experience, or use the money to buy experience.
  • Combining 2 Gold Shovel equipment will open one more hero slot to the battle.

New races in the Teamfight Tactics Mobile version:

At the beginning of the video, Riot Games announced the new races, new generations and champions along with tactics updates. Accordingly, we can know that the new generals that will appear are Lux, Olaf, Annie and Thresh. Besides, the newly emerging Tribe includes the Desert, Hell and Poison. Finally, there will be two additional Systems including Summoner and Myth. This update will contribute to enriching the game mode as well as potentially change the meta, affecting the current game situation.

Teamfight Tactics mobile apk new races

Multi-platform game

One of the notable things about Teamfight Tactics Mobile is that there is no distinction between the PC and Mobile versions. Also, it means that PC and Mobile gamers can play together without any constraints. At the moment, you can play the game anytime, anywhere, with just a mobile device.

Teamfight Tactics mobile apk free downloadf

New updates:
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