Tennis Clash: 3D Sports APK [Mod Unlimited Money] v1.25.0

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  • April 17, 2020
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New update :
  • Important changes on this patch
  • We are introducing Tour Relock feature
    – Tour gets relocked if the trophies drop below the specified threshold
  • Improvements on audience audio.
    – Volume and tracks more enjoyable during gameplay
  • Also, Easter event and brand new string

In parallel with football and athletics, Tennis is also a sport with a large number of fans and players. It has many fierce competitions, dramatic situations and many advanced features. With the aforementioned things, Tennis is an endless inspiration for game makers to exploit. In this article, we would like to introduce to you a great game with this topic named Tennis Clash: 3D Sports APK. The game was produced first for PC by Wildlife Studios. It allows you to participate in dramatic and unexpected tennis matches with gamers worldwide. Let’s check it out right now!

Tennis Clash apk mod

The gameplay

In Tennis Clash: 3D Sports APK, you will play the top tennis player in the world. You have to work hard, practice, improve skills and conquer all the tournaments in the world. To control the ball, you just need to touch the screen when the ball is approaching. Also, to adjust the direction of the ball, you can touch the screen and swipe in the direction you want. The speed of the ball will depend on the contact position and how fast you swipe on the screen. If you want the ball to move slightly, you should swipe very slowly. If you want the ball to go quickly, you can swipe quickly.

Tennis-Clash apk mod gameplay

The game modes and upgrades

Tennis Clash: 3D Sports APK has 2 modes including Offline and Online. In offline mode, you will compete with machine, which is also known as practice mode. Besides, there will be no bonuses, no top tournaments. This mode is just for you to get acquainted with the game.

In addition, Online mode is the most interesting game mode. It will be divided into 2 sections including the tournament and the single match. In the tournament section, you will participate in the top tournaments of the world tennis federation such as the US Open, Australia Open, France open… You have to try to win everything and win the championship. In the single matches, you will be randomly matched with players around the world in 1v1 competition. You have the money to bet. If you win, all the money is yours. When you have money, you can join higher ranked matches or buy more valuable items like rackets, upgrade your rackets, buy clothes and auxiliary equipment such as shoes, hats… All of them will affect the outcome of your matches. Also, Tennis Clash: 3D Sports APK is designed with 3D graphics, with an intuitive interface and easy control. Besides, the game has a bright colour system. The tournaments are designed quite honestly and beautifully.

Tennis Clash apk mod upgrade


Overall, Tennis Clash: 3D Sports APK is one of the best tennis games with beautiful graphics and realistic gameplay. Moreover, Tennis Clash: 3D Sports APK brings you many game modes and new challenges. In this article, we would like to bring you 2 versions of the game including Tennis Clash: 3D Sports APK and Tennis Clash: 3D Sports APK [MOD Unlimited Money]. Readers can download the game at the link below. Thanks and have fun!

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