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The Fish Master is an extremely simple but addictive mobile action game from Voodoo developer. As many people know, Voodoo has been very successful with gentle but hot games like Helix Jump,… The Fish Master is such a game, which was created to conquer a new height, surpassing the shadow of the old games. Let’s play The Fish Master to see what surprise you!

The Fish Master apk


The game content

The Fish Master takes you to a vast ocean with a lot of unique marine creatures. Initially, you will turn into a fisherman, demonstrating the necessary skills to catch as many fish as possible. You have to try your best to get the highest score to become a top fisherman. The character will work independently. This will help you improve your life skills as well as learn how to overcome challenges.

The gameplay

Basically, your work is similar to playing Fishing Strike, which has fascinated many people in the past. You will be equipped with a boat and fishing rod then start your catching journey. The control mechanism is quite simple. You just touch the screen to drop the bait into the sea and catch the fish you like. Of course, fish will not stand still for you to catch. You have to predict their direction and decide to drop the bait accurately to get the best results.

At each level, the player must complete the designated number of points. The hook will be brought to the maximum depth and let the fish bite. After each completion, you receive the corresponding amount of money to upgrade the new skill. You should make the most of what you get to dig deeper and catch more fish or pull fish faster without any problems. Each skill has its effect, requiring players to think carefully. Otherwise, you will only waste your money.

The Fish Master gameapk

Some tips to play The Fish Master effectively

Fishing is considered an elegant pleasure. However, it is not simply a bait on a hook, dropping it and pull up the fish. To catch fish, besides the patience, the fisher must have certain tips, and so will The Fish Master. Please see some idea below:

Look at the fish before you release the rope : When dropping the fishing line into the water, you should try to pay attention to the fish you want to catch. This will help you plan your actions properly to get the highest score.

Try to catch the most valuable fish : The bigger the fish is, the brighter its colour will be. Besides, when you catch a more valuable fish, you will get more money. In each turn, the number of fish you have is limited, so you need to focus on the big fish to get as much money as possible. In addition, you should avoid shrimp and some small fish because they have low value. To catch more fish, gamers should consider upgrading the fishing rod or buying better bait. At this point, you can see the right side of the screen to monitor the depth.

The time for playing : The time of a single game may be one minute or up to an hour. So you can play whenever you want. Your record score is the amount you earn through selling fish. You can invite your friends and compete with them to prove who the best fisherman.

The Fish Master game mod

The graphics

In terms of graphics, The Fish Master takes players to the vast ocean, where you will enjoy gentle waves but very intense. Fishes are created in a cartoon style, which still brings nature, close to the real world. Besides, the sound system is also a highlight of this game with lots of funny, interesting sound effects.

How to get lots of money

In the game, the main currency is Dollar ($). It is used to upgrade fishing rods, hooks, buy good bait and more. To earn $, you have to catch a lot of fish and focus on valuable fish. If you only hook on normal or small fish, the income will be negligible as well as take you a lot of time. Now, with The Fish Master APK MOD (Unlimited Money), getting a lot of $ is very simple. You will get a lot of money right from the beginning of the game.

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The Fish Master does not follow the old style of the fishing game. Instead, it is creative with unique gameplay, beautiful graphics. It will definitely satisfy your passion for becoming a master of fishing. With The Fish Master APK MOD (Unlimited Money) version, everything becomes much easier. You can download it at the link below. Thanks and have a fun game!

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