Full NameThe Grand Mafia
Mod FeaturesNo
Latest Version1.0.807
RequireAndroid 4.1+
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The Grand Mafia is the latest gangster game of YottaGame – the producer of the million-view product Mafia City. There are many elements of the underground world in the game, such as racers, bosses, assassins… so that players can freely choose their playing style. Besides, each character class has unique power stats and skills, which will make players excited. Please join us to find out more about this interesting game right now!

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The game content

The Grand Mafia is an MMO game that combines real-time strategy elements with the Mafia theme. In the game, you will play the role of a prison breaker, who would return to seek revenge against those who had harmed you and taken over areas in the city. To be successful, you need to recruit some talents, build buildings to support your efforts, and expand your influence beyond your reach.

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The gameplay

Using a world context of many bloody battles among the Mafia gangs, you will play a tycoon who is trying to find a way to regain power after being released from prison. Players will use their tactics to control the world. Specifically, you can make trading with partners, recruit celebrities, and execute bloody missions.

Besides, players will need to upgrade their loyal Gangster minions and be skillful in building a smart squad. There will be a lot of gang fights going on in this Mafia world. The game is suitable for players who love Gangster style tactics.

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Diverse character classes

As the boss of a large Mafia clan, you definitely have to own a team of many talented people. The Grand Mafia has diverse character classes as the famous gangsters, such as Bodyguards, Assassins, Biker… They are all capable of fighting separately in each situation. To build a powerful empire, mafia bosses will have to reasonably use special people in certain cases and deploy their inherent strength. Also, you can participate in a large base area to coordinate with other players.

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Interesting mission system

In addition to trying to build yourself a talented and friendly army, The Grand Mafia also brings a lot of interesting missions. In order to build a truly powerful empire, you must complete them as quickly as possible.

After you recruit your army, the game will ask you to take back the lost area. This task is quite simple as long as it is within your power. But when your clan is grown enough and has more battle means, the game will present more and more difficult challenges. One of them is the mission to attack government buildings and embassies. These are strictly guarded places and take a long time for you to destroy them.

The task that is considered to be the most attractive for players of the Grand Mafia action game is the party payments. Here, you can show your strength with different opponents. Whoever has more equipment will win. Of course, the area will belong to the stronger one. After having enough resources, you can expand to neighboring countries, even countries on other continents such as China, Korea…

The Grand Mafia apk mod free download

The game graphics

In addition to tactical gameplay with many unique characters, The Grand Mafia also has a very sharp 2D graphics system. Besides, 3D effects such as fire,

racing, shooting… also make the game more epic and true to gangster nature. The characters are very cool. Also, the supercars also come from many famous manufacturers, such as Jeep, Mercedes, Audi… and have very high fighting characteristics.

New updates:
[Optimization and Adjustments]1. The Governor’s War Investment has been adjusted to be available after Governor’s War Season 1 starts. This adjustment is available for City 305 onwards.
2. Faction Territory has been optimized when constructing a Faction Sub-Stronghold on the Governor’s War Map.
3. The animation has been optimized when trading in the Weapon Emporium.
[Fixed Content]1. The error where the Turf Effect becomes white when previewing it has been fixed.

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