The necessary strategies for playing Rise of Civilization

The necessary strategies for playing Rise of Civilization

  1. Protect resources from being occupied.

In Rise of Civilization, if you want to upgrade, train soldiers, research and complete more missions, you need resources. However, you must keep in mind that other players can attack you and occupied all your resources at any time. Here are some ways to protect your kingdom:

  • Upgrade storage facilities to protect more resources.
  • Increase empire power (power) by training soldiers and upgrading infrastructure.
  • Research military technology in the academy.
  • Upgrading the walls and centre of the empire (town hall).

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  1. Activate rewarding buffs by researching.

In Academy, you can study two types of technology: military and economic. Through research, you can activate bonus buffs. Example: Increase production speed by economic technologies. Attack power, training speed, new soldiers, speed of operation with military technology. Besides, you can even upgrade some technologies to increase their influence. Access this feature by going to City => Research / Academy => Economic or Military (touch the menu next to it).

  1. Enhance the power of the commander.

You can leave a commander to accompany the soldiers or army units to attack. The commander’s buffs can increase the attack power, enhance the chance of launching critical attacks or protecting military units. All you need to do is unlock their abilities, skills, star level or main level.

Rise Of Civilizations upodate command

  1. Prioritize exploration

In the game, to know deeply about the enemies, you should explore or investigate enemy details before taking the commander or army into battle. Touch their base or empire on the world map => choose to explore (Scout) => send Troops. After a certain period of time, you will receive a detailed report of the enemy kingdom, including strength and command. Then, you should consider a bit about that report by touching the mail icon (lower right corner, on the menu button). It is in the Report tab. If the enemy is stronger than you, it is not a good time for you to attack.

  1. Focus on increasing power

These are the basic tasks that help you increase the power of power:

  • Upgrade buildings, troops and power.
  • Train soldiers.
  • Collect resources.
  • Research.

At the beginning of the game, it is better to complete or follow the quests to progress quickly.

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  1. Getting gift
  • Check mail or inbox in the game, in which you will receive a large number of rewards for the newbie.
  • Touch the VIP option (on the main game screen => top left corner => VIP) and request a free VIP box for daily login.
  • Go to the Tavern and get free silver boxes.
  • Complete mission.
  • Link a game to a Google or Facebook account to receive gems.
  • Join the alliance to get free gems.
  • Go to the store => special gifts every day => ask for free boxes.
  • Complete all daily goals to receive free legendary ark
  1. Get help from teammates

In the game, it is very important to build an alliance centre in the empire. It allows you to get help from alliance members. Besides, you can also help other members and earn a gift. You can build trading stations, allowing you to exchange resources between alliance members and receive many other benefits. So, you should join the guild as soon as possible.

  1. Collect mysterious signs to activate buffs

Collect mysterious markers (runes) on the map and activate buffs. You will receive benefits from buffs for a limited amount of time depending on the type of sign. For example, Rise of Civilization has a sign named Rune of Evergreen that can increase wood production productivity to 7%. This is one of the best ways to increase productivity, speed of construction, attack of soldiers… You can find these signs near mountains and hills. All you need to do is lead the soldiers and commanders to collect them. The mysterious sign icon is in the upper left corner of the screen. When you get it, you touch it for more details. Remember that you can only activate one sign at a time. If you intend to raid the enemy station, you should search for Rune of Fury to increase your attack power.

Rise Of Civilizations buff

  1. Earn 100 activity points to win the most valuable prize.

Complete the daily goals, the game gives you activity points. On certain routes, with 20 – 40 – 60 – 80 points, you will receive a free box. These boxes contain boost items, silver locks, gold locks, material EXP commanders… From the 5th box (when you reach 100 points), you will receive valuable prizes: 100 jewels, golden keys, magic boxes or legendary commander sculpture. You can easily earn these points just by investing in the game.

  1. Focus on stronger units.

You can upgrade soldiers or unlock new units by researching military technology. When you unlock successfully, you should train the high-level units instead of lower level ones. The best part of Rise of Civilization is the upgrade option. Using it, you can upgrade units that have been trained to higher levels. If you want to see the difference between a low & high-level unit, tap the icon (i) in the lower right corner of the unit illustration.

Rise Of Civilizations map

Above is how to play the game with suitable tactics for quickly becoming the best player of Rise of Civilization. If you have any idea or experience, please share with us at the comment section. Thanks and have a fun game!




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