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The White Door is an RPG game from the developer Rusty Lake, with the mysterious storyline. It marks the return of this manufacturer after a long time. The game has a great story, new gameplay and a bit creepy. The White Door is expected to break out in 2020.

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The game content

The game was launched exclusively for the Android operating system. It has a relatively impressive guide. The player will play the role of Robert Hill to explore, with the desire to find the colours for his bland life. He is gradually fed up with the vicious circles that are happening every day. Your task is to find different colours in your room, car or on the street. It seems quite easy, but the surprise always makes you excited during the game.

The White Door mod apk gameplay

The new design

The first impression for the player is the context of the game. It has a dominant white colour, alternating with details, objects… depicted by black drawings. Robert Hill is living in a boring life with only the appearance of white and black, symbolizing the gloom, partly showing the boredom or difficulties. Even it shows the dangerous things that he may encounter. Of course, everything has a reason, and your task is to help Robert discover what has been going on. Thereby, you can help him return to normal life as before.

The White Door mod apk content

Creepy? Where is it?

If the player is wondering, with a video game with nothing creepy in the picture, where will the creepy elements come from? As soon as you watch the full 40 seconds teaser of The White Door, the answer will be covered. Something, or more accurately, someone is watching Hill every day, every hour. However, we do not know the purpose yet.  Players will only know when it is discovered at the end of the game. Surely, this is the main reason why Hill’s room is only depicted with two colours of bad luck.

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The sound system

In another aspect, the sound system is also easy to help players feel the mystery of the game. If you pay a little more attention, these bittersweet rhythms will constantly appear when you have the opportunity (or, unfortunately) to encounter the follower. It can be said that Rusty Lake has proved that it is not necessary to have a creepy background to make a game horrible. Instead, the developer made good use of the surrounding aspects.

Besides, it is no coincidence that Rusty Lake chose The White Door as the product for his comeback. This publisher has been famous for horror games. They really want to refresh their products. With the good performance of The White Door, Rusty Lake wants players to be more proactive in finding and welcoming horror elements.

At the moment, The White Door is available on the Android platform for $ 3.49. This is not too expensive for an attractive game. However, not everyone is ready to pay for this. Therefore, we bring you a modified version of the game named White Door APK in this article. You can download and play, as well as use all the advanced features of the game for free. Readers can download the game at the link below.

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