Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery APK MOD (UNLOCKED) v2.0.25

Full NameTiny Room Stories: Town Mystery
PublisherKiary games
Mod FeaturesUnlocked
Latest Version2.0.25
RequireAndroid 5.1+
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Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery APK MOD (UNLOCKED) is one of the best puzzle indie games for Android phones. Since being released by the developer Kiary Games on Google Play, Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery has impressed the gaming community with unique adventure gameplay and diverse interesting puzzles. Although this game is considered a duplication of NOX, it still attracts players with many surprising elements. A series of challenging puzzles are waiting for you to discover. Please join us to find out more about the game right now!

Tiny Room Stories Town Myster mod apk download


The story

Join the game, players transform into a talented detective. One day, the character received a letter asking for help. Surprisingly, the letter was sent from his father. Although it was strange, curiosity took him to the small town of Redcliff, where the letter mentioned. When you arrived in this town, you suddenly realized that Redcliff was a “dead city”. In which, no people walk, only cold empty roads and houses.

In the end, what is going on with his father and the people of this strange city? Many other questions are in need of your answer by finding the clues scattered around Redcliff. Thereby, you can uncover the mysterious reasons.

Tiny Room Stories Town Myster mod apk story download

The gameplay

In Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery APK MOD, its gameplay retains the principles of the Escape Room genre. Specifically, your goal is to look for clues hidden in the room, from which you can find the answer. Also, the rooms are closed and have at least one door locked. They are designed in 3D, so you can switch and view from many viewing angles. If you want to check an item, you just need to touch them. If it gets bigger, that’s the clue. This is somewhat similar to the classic Point and Click games.

Besides, Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery requires patience, searching skills as well as logical reasoning. Sometimes, there will be hidden items, you have to know to combine different objects to find them. You should take a closer look at objects and observe from all sides because clues can be anywhere.

Moreover, the game also integrates the available hints. You can refer to them for more suggestions and a new perspective.

Tiny Room Stories Town Myster mod apk gameplay download

Discover more

The story in this game is divided into chapters. Players have the opportunity to explore countless buildings, from ordinary residential buildings to ancient tombs. For example, in chapter one, you discover your own home. Each room in that house contains the puzzles that you need to solve. Also, this is a place where you review past memories with your parents, thereby finding clues related to your father’s current situation.

Afterward, you move on to the next chapter. In which, the context changed completely. You will discover the bank with new rooms and puzzles. We have been stuck in a scene for quite a long time. Although the password was found, the control panel was broken which prevented me from entering the password to complete the challenge. Later on, we found some tools, which made the control panel work again.

Subsequent chapters will continue in many different ways. And if you notice, you will find that the puzzles are not so easy as the first levels. They become more complex, help you train your ability to observe and stimulate thinking.

Tiny Room Stories Town Myster mod apk discovery download

The graphics

In Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery, the graphics are designed in a vivid 3D style. This game is as competitive as NOX. Besides, the setting and the rooms are in meticulous and detailed designs. The main color is cold. This combined with sounds that bring a sense of mystery and somewhat gloom to the game.


Overall, Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery is an intellectual puzzle game worth the wait. With gameplay suitable for touch screens, compelling storylines, beautiful images, it is sure to conquer the most demanding people. In particular, this game is completely free. You can choose the original version or the MOD version at the link below the article.

New updates:
ver. 2.0.25
– Minor bug fixes
ver. 2.0.10
– Completely reworked chapters (1,2,3,4,5)
– Mild changes in chapters (7, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15)
– Added more than 100 new animations and interactions
– Lots of new sounds
– Background music composed specifically for the game
– Delete progress option (if you want to start over)
– Fixed bugs introduced in 2.0.x versions (chapters 2,4,5,10,14)
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