10 professional photo editing Tips with Snapseed for Android


Professional photo editing with Snapseed

Every photo you take on your smartphone will look better thanks to mobile photo editing applications. With Snapseed, you won’t need to use Photoshop to edit your images. This app can make your photo perfect. Moreover, it is free. In this article, we will tell you some of the best photo editing tips with Snapseed on Android.

Editing the photos

When the image is loaded, you will see three buttons below Looks, Tools and Export. The Looks option provides you with some filters available or you can use your filter. When you start editing, you tap the Tools button and select Tune Image. Besides, Tune Image has basic editing features such as brightness and contrast. By default, the brightness will be selected. You can swipe right to increase or to the left to reduce brightness. The numerical brightness value will be displayed at the top of the screen. To switch to another tool, users can swipe up or touch the Tools button in the bottom bar. Then, you touch the image and hold to see the difference between the original image and the edited image.

snapseed edit picture

The tools in the photo editing section:

  • Brightness: You can use this tool to add light to dark photos or to reduce light if the image is too bright.
  • Contrast: Contrast increases or decreases the difference between the darkest part and the brightest part of the image.
  • Saturation: Increasing saturation makes colours more vivid. You can use it if you want the image more prominent.
  • Ambience: Ambience allows you to adjust saturation and contrast at the same time.
  • Highlights: The highlights help you adjust the intensity of the brightest areas in the image. So, if an image is overexposed, you can reduce the highlights.
  • Shadows: Shadows perform similarly to highlights but for the darkest areas of the image.
  • Warmth: Warmth adds warm orange or cool blue tones to your entire image. Using this tool, you can instantly turn an orange sky into a cool blue sky.

Snapseed 2

Change structure and sharpness

Go back to the Tools section and click Details. Here, you will see two options including Structure and Sharpening. This tool works well if your image has texture elements.

The Structure tool will help you add a Wow effect to your photo but you should not abuse it. Besides, the Sharpening tool will improve the details of the image but it may cause noise. Therefore, you should be careful when using these two tools. You should enlarge parts of the image before changing to avoid quality degradation.

Snapseed 3

HDR Scape

HDR Scape is a tool that brings instant effects to your photos. You should use this tool with photos of nature or people. After selecting it, you will see an image of each detail and colour that makes them stand out.

In addition, you can adjust filter intensity, saturation and brightness. If you adjust it too much, you can go back to Tune Image tool and reduce the level when applying HDR Scape.

Add a classic feeling with Grainy Film filters: Grainy Film filters help you create vintage-style photos.

Snapseed HDR

Crop the photos

If there is a high-quality original photo, but the location of the object in the photo is not very good, you can use the Crop tool. You can cut images so that objects are placed in the middle or in the way they are aligned according to the Rule of thirds regulation.

Change perspective

Sometimes what makes the photo more beautiful is not editing, but perspective. Snapseed has a smart Perspective tool. You can swipe up, swipe down, left or right to change perspective. This app will automatically fill the gap of the image, but it is the best to cut the edges after changing the perspective.

Snapseed per

Adjust white balance

The White Balance is similar to the Warmth feature but has additional colour tone. You can use the Temperature tool to add cool or warm orange colour to the image, then switch to the Tint tool to add green or pink. This can be a quick and easy way to turn a blue sky into a warm purple sky.

Snapseed white

Edit the image by using the Healing Tool

Healing Tool helps you edit small bugs, spots and stains. In which, you can even move small objects in the image. This tool works well when surrounded by simple objects like the sky or human skin.

After selecting the Healing option, zoom in on the part of the image to edit, then use your finger to touch the part you want to change. It will be highlighted in red. After releasing it, it will automatically be replaced with pixels from the surrounding area.

Snapseed healing

Selective Editing feature

Selective Editing is a powerful hidden feature in Snapseed. You can touch the Selective option, then touch the part of the image you want to edit, pinch two fingers in or out to increase or decrease the selected area size. You can swipe along to switch between Brightness, Contrast, Saturation and Structure. All the changes you made to this tool apply only to the specific selected area.

Undo tool

If you miss any detailed corrections, you don’t need to worry because there’s an Undo button, which helps you quickly undo the last change. The View Edits button will list all the edits made that you can edit a previous change or delete it at will.

For a free app, Snapseed is a surprisingly powerful photo editing application. There are some advanced features in Snapseed like Curves and Brush, which you should explore after understanding all the basics.

The information of Snapseed APK v2.19.0.201907232:

  • Name: Snapseed
  • Version:
  • Publisher: Google LLC
  • Category: Photography
  • MOD: NO
  • Support: Android 4.4 +
  • ROOT: Not needed.

Snapseed apk mod app


These are extremely useful features to help you have a beautiful photo with Snapseed. You can visit the link below to download Snapseed APK v2.19.0.201907232 exclusively for the Android operating system. Do not forget to follow the page to update more interesting apps and games!



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