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New update: In this new version of Top Eleven, we have added some small enhancements to some features to further enhance the playing experience for the Coaches.

Top Eleven (or Top Eleven Football Manager), is an online football training simulation game. It was developed and produced by Nordeus in May 2010. At the moment, it is available on Google Play and App Store. Also, you can play the game with your friends on Facebook to get more fun. The game was created to solve the problem of a lack of football management games on the social network platform. It builds on the model and gameplay in Football Manager (Sports Interactive) and FIFA Manager (Electronic Arts). Then, Top Eleven Football Manager transferred the interface of the desktop application to Facebook. In 2014, the game reached 15 million players and officially took Jose Mourinho (the Tottenham’s coach) as the game’s representative face. From there, you can challenge Mourinho and get some advice from him. Moreover, Top Eleven also proved his success by becoming a sponsor of funding for Stoke City in the 2017-2018 season.

Following its success, Top Eleven 2020 was born with the mission of turning this game into a multi-national, cross-platform game. In this 10th version, the game will aim to complete, upgrade and add some interesting features. Let’s check it out right now!

Top Eleven 2020 apk

Build your football club

If you have played Football Manager 2020, you will easily get acquainted with Top Eleven 2020. In this game, your task to form and develop a football team. There are many famous football clubs in the world for you to choose from, such as Manchester United, Real Madrid, Bacerlona… After that, You will be given a stadium, money, buy players to practice skills and tactics for your team. You are not only a coach but also a manager who decides the future of your team.


Overtake the opponent

In addition to managing the team, you also have to apply tactics and compete with other players. Moreover, gamers can use Mourinho’s talented personnel squad or can also build their own strategy and formation. You will players the role of a coach, control players on the stadium, show off the skills, create unique gameplay and tactics for your team. Besides, you can join many tournaments around the world to gain more experience.

Top Eleven 2020 download apk

Team up with friends

In the game, you can join friends, discuss tactics, compare with other teams and play together to win the match. It also brings you more fun.

Top Eleven 2020 apk download

Train your squad

In addition to the above features, do not forget to organize, create the best training sessions, level up to win rewards. In this section, you can pick the best players in your squad to form the best team possible and encourage them to score a lot. Top Eleven brings you the most engaging online football management experience. In which, you can challenge people around the world or collaborate with them with the new social interaction. This feature is well invested by Nordeus developer.

Besides, you can bid on the players when you follow the live football transfer market. Also, you can track your team’s activities in live matches and build stadiums. When you have a strong enough team, you can challenge other football managers to win the champions. It is also a condition for your team to play in the Premier League.

Top Eleven 2020 apk download for android


Top Eleven 2020 allows players to manage all aspects of the team’s operation, both on and off the pitch. You have to develop squads, change tactics, buy and sell players, transfer contracts with old players and even manage professional training. It is quite interesting that you have to negotiate contracts, player transfer fees, signing contracts with sponsors and TV advertising. When financial resources are abundant, you will have more chances to improve the team. Overall, Top Eleven 2020 is a very intensive and realistic football management game. Besides, we give you Top Eleven 2020 APK on our website, which will provide you with more advanced features. Readers can download the game at the link below! Thanks and have fun!

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