Mod APK [Money/Removed Ads/Unlocked] v2.1.3

Full - The Game 3D
PublisherCrossBlack Studios.
Mod FeaturesMoney/Removed Ads/Unlocked
Latest Version2.1.3
RequireAndroid 4.4+
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Voodoo is a popular game maker in the world. It is so familiar with the players who love games with simple but attractive gameplay like Crowd City, Knock Balls… Today, we would like to introduce to you a great game from VOODOO named In which, you can turn coal into a tornado and blow away everything on your way. It sounds curious, so please join with us in this article to find it out! apk


Blow out everything

In!, you will begin your journey with a tiny tornado. You can only blow some small things with it. To become a big whirlwind in a short time, you need to go to areas with many things like trees, cars, houses… and swallow them quickly. The first advice is that you should come to the forest because there are a lot of large trees available for you to swallow and become bigger whirlwinds quickly. You have to do it as fast and clean as possible. This will become quite bad when you take too much time.

As soon as your tornado has become large enough, you can blow bigger targets such as battleships, buildings or even a plane. Then, you don’t waste too much time on small things. You just fly over them and towards the really big targets. The game has an easy control mechanism, in which gamers just touch the tornado and move your finger in the direction you want to go.

Many game modes

In addition to the normal storm,! gives you different game modes to choose from. Each of them will help you unlock the unique skins for your tornado. In the first game mode, you will participate in the adventure and try to destroy everything alone.

In Hunting mode: you will have to move your tornado to suck everything and grow up. However, the main goal that you need to prioritize is to hunt all the slimes. If you see a green slime, you can eat it. Besides, you should stay away from the red one because it can swallow you. As you grow bigger, some red slimes turn green that you can eat them. You can still eat the surrounding things for growing up.

In Multiplayer mode: This is a favourite mode for most gamers because of its high interactivity. In this mode, the gameplay is quite similar to the above two modes. However, you will compete and fight with other players in the world. You should avoid as much conflict as possible at the beginning of the game. Instead, you should focus more on growing your tornado. When you are big enough, you can go to other people’s tornadoes to attack them for preventing them from becoming too big. Besides, knowing the location of other’s tornados is quite easy. You can check the indicators and arrows on the map. Then, you can get to the exact position of other players quickly. However, you should remember that you should choose the way with a lot of things for you to swallow. game android

Interesting maps

In the world of!, you will experience 3 different types of maps as follow:

  • Rural area: This place describes a very authentic farm including a castle and surrounding farms.
  • Industrial area: This place has many construction sites, military bases and airports.
  • City area: a very developed place with high buildings and modern facilities.

The familiar graphics

The graphics are not very special. They are still in the style that Voodoo did similar to other game. Graphics are simply designed with bright colours and quite realistic shadow effects. Besides, the peaceful villages with vast green fields will be the place where you swallow everything with your tornado. Everything is simulated in a funny cartoon style. Moreover, the sound is very nice with lively soundtrack throughout the game. od apk game

MOD Info :

  • Unlimited Money
  • Remove Ads
  • Unlocked


Whether it is simple gameplay or graphics, VOODOO always makes players enjoy the game with high entertainment, bringing a feeling of comfort after each game.! is no exception. It will impress you right at first sight. Please access the link below to download! with two versions including APK (Original) and MOD (Money). Hope you have a good time with our website! Thanks and have a fun game!

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