Township APK MOD (Unlimited Money) v8.5.2

Full NameTownship
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Money
Latest Version8.5.2
RequireAndroid 4.2+
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Township is a great entertaining game, which is an interesting combination between the city-building and farm simulation elements. It is free on Android. The game will take you to the beautiful land where you can build a truly worth living place as what you imagine. It features unique gameplay and cute graphics that definitely attract players the most. Let’s together with check the game right now!

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The highlights of Township APK MOD

Funny building town

In the game, your main job is to build and manage your farm and the city. The farm works in Township is very important because they will greatly affect the development of the city. We will gradually build this place to become rich and beautiful, worth living and attracting many people to visit.

The player will start Township with a small town and be a farmer. After producing the agricultural goods and livestock, you can sell them to get back the money. From that money, you will build the first buildings. During the game, you can unlock more works and upgrade them for more advanced features. Like other city-building games, you have to build each work with your organization so that it brings the most effective and emphasize your personality.

Township apk

Warehouse upgrade

To manage and operate a large farm, the warehouse to store agricultural products is an indispensable thing that is one of the most important buildings in your land. Initially, the game will provide you with a small warehouse. Of course, it is not large enough to store all the agricultural products during the game process. Your job is to upgrade the warehouse to meet your need, but this is not an easy task when the materials are quite difficult to find. The rare materials will be scattered somewhere when you harvest, produce or trade, etc. Therefore, the warehouse upgrade is mainly based on your fortune. Besides, Township allows you to exchange ingredients with other players, so you should interact more with your friends.

Township game apk

Decorate the town

In Township, you are a town mayor. Therefore, in addition to construction work, it is also an important task to decorate and develop it for more sparkling. This is what will be related to the level of happiness that will help your town attract more residents and developers.

There are many ways to increase your town’s happiness. You can build entertainment venues like circuses, parks, cinemas… and decorate more and more. In addition, Township has a lot of famous buildings that are simulated the world’s famous place such as the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty… so you can freely decorate your town to impress the visitors.

Township apk game

Reward Points Township MOD

Rewards points will increase corresponding the number of buildings you have built and upgraded. You can expand the small town into a large and modern city but still bring extremely natural features. Certainly, the experiences in Township will be great. Leaving a real life, Township will be a simple and peaceful little town for you.

In-game currency

In the game, the two main currencies are gold and dollars. In which, you can earn Gold through production and trading. A fairly quick way to earn gold is to perform the tasks. Besides, Gold coins help you buy plants and build new buildings. Compared to gold, the dollar is used quite primarily to speed up production or buy some special tools. You can also use dollars to boost your production or construction process.

Visit friends’ towns

The game allows the player to connect to the social network so that they can communicate and interact with their friends, such as buying the necessary agricultural products, selling the agricultural products or teasing your friends for getting more fun. This feature is very interesting.

Township android game

Stunning graphics

Township is built on a 2.5D graphics platform. Like other farm games, the images are very bright with mainly the warm, bright, brilliant colours create a bustling and vibrant farm scene. In addition, the game has a diverse pet and farmer character systems, which are very cute and funny.

Township graphics

How to play Township MOD through each stage

  • Level 8: From level 8, gamers can open the first train. The mission is to load the goods on the train then it will move from your towns to other places to exchange goods. After the goods exchanged, the bonuses and materials will be used to build houses, buildings or upgrade warehouses. Every trip will have time to return. In addition, players can build an airport for better trading and goods delivery. When you complete loading the aircraft, the reward will be received immediately.
  • Level 20: When you reach level 20, you can join any co-op such as Regatta racing which are racing tasks to get points of co-op including 30 people. The higher the score is, the more the prize will be awarded. In addition, gamers can receive rewards according to the rank of the co-op.
  • Level 30: From level 30 onwards, the island will be opened. It will let the boat run to get goods like tropical fruits or Olivia island, Tropica island, Fishermen’s island. Each island will have different types of goods. The boat will come to each island and bring goods to produce and deliver everywhere.
  • Level 40: With level 40, the zoo will be opened, the task at the zoo is quite interesting for the player. In which, you have to build the zoo according to their own creative mind. After each task, gamers will receive money and experience points to level up. The more money the task is, the higher the XP will be.

Township apk mod


Overall, if you would like to enjoy the light and fun entertainment game, Township completely meets your requirements with gentle game pace, beautiful image, attractive and important interactive gameplay and smooth operation. It is suitable for all players. Currently, the game is available on both Android and iOS operating systems. Players can download the file APK and APK MOD below to have more advanced features and better gaming experience.

New updates:

* Complete tasks in town and in events to win rewards!
* More rewards with the Golden Ticket.
* Restore a beach ravaged by a storm.
* Beat match-2 puzzles to get renovation tickets.
* Bubble Gum Festival, Rev and Ride, and Canyon Quest.
* Test your luck in the Pirate Treasure event!
* Catch a wave in the Wild West regatta season.
* Special offers to boost your resources!
* New match-2 levels and elements.
* 3 new town expansions.

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