Traffic Rider APK (MOD, Unlimited Money) v1.70

After the success of the highway racing game Traffic Racer, the developer Soner Kara launched a new game of the same genre but more thrilling and attractive with the motor racing challenge screen called Traffic Rider. It is rated as one of the best motor racing games on Android today. So far, it has reached nearly 8 million reviews and more than 100 million downloads on Google Store. This is an extremely big number that clearly confirms the quality of the game. Please join us to find it out right now!

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The gameplay

Traffic Rider is a first-person racing game, in which players will control motorbikes on the roads with busy traffic. At this point, you have to master your motor to go through other vehicles and reach the destination within the timer. If you have ever experienced SpeedMoto, you can believe that the feeling of mastering the race in Traffic Rider is even more wonderful. With an authentic first view and sharp graphics, all elements of the game environment are reproduced very vividly. They can even make you feel like you are a real hand on those dramatic races. We have to mention the typical elements, such as supercars, control mechanisms, outdoor conditions like cities, obstacles, traffic situations…

Besides, speed is the most important factor for Traffic Rider. In the game, the faster you ride, the higher your score will be. When the speed is over 100km/h, you have to try to pass other vehicles moving on the road to get bonus points and cash. Besides, for the Two Way racetrack, you have to drive in the opposite direction to get more rewards and cash.

Traffic Rider apk download

The game modes Traffic Rider

Currently, Traffic Rider provides players with 4 game modes, as follows:

• Career: In this mode, you have to control the motor and race in different locations. If it is your first time playing, you should start with this game mode.

• Endless: Unlimited racing. In which, players can race without having to worry about the traffic, obstacles, day and night… It consists of two types of the track, including one-way and dual-way. However, you must reach Lv 2 and Lv 20 (respectively) to experience it.

• Time Trial: Racing for a limited time. In this mode, the game requires you to reach Lv 6 and Lv 24 to unlock it.

• Free Ride: Free race. This mode requires gamers to reach Lv 14 and 32 to unlock it.

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The diverse upgrade system Traffic Rider

At Garage, players can upgrade 3 indicators for the car: Power, Handling and Braking. Besides, you can also change the color of the car by choosing colors on the palette, shop for gloves to make the steering wheel stronger and unlock new cars. However, players can only buy new cars when they have reached a certain level and have enough cash.

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Great graphics

After installing and launching the game, players will quickly be surprised by a motorcycle with modern design. They present in an extremely luxurious room. Also, Soner Kara decorates their motors with outstanding signs with the Skgames and Traffic Rider logos. Besides, the 3D effects make the supercar move slowly in a circle as if for players to admire. Moreover, the developer also designed the ambient element very well. Players can see the authentic sunny sky, blue clouds, luxuriant trees.

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The modern technologies in this game

It is true to the nature of a modern motorcycle racing game. Traffic Rider makes the most of all the game production technology. In which the most advanced features to give players a great experience with Career Full game mode. Players can enjoy the game at second-person perspective, which is most realistic with great graphics and sound systems. Besides, gamers are also comfortable upgrading motors, unlock new vehicles, explore the vast game world and compete with other riders around the world.

Traffic Rider technologi download

The MOD feature

In this article, we would like to bring you the modified version of the game named Traffic Rider MOD APK. It will provide players more advanced features than the original version, specifically:

Unlimited Money: The game provides an unlimited budget for you to freely upgrade and unlock new vehicles.

Moreover, this version does not need root, which is very convenient and easy for all users.

Through a few introductory lines as above, surely you have begun to imagine the great features of Traffic Rider owns. However, all will be meaningless if you are not the one who has experienced it. So, please download Traffic Raider MOD APK and find out the highlights of the best motor racing game today. Thanks and have fun!

New update:
  • Added 2 new motorbikes
  • Various improvements and bug fixes
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