Trap Dungeons 2 APK v1.998

Full NameTrap Dungeons 2
PublisherClancy Studios
Mod FeaturesNo
Latest Version1.998
RequireAdroid 4.1+
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Trap Dungeons 2 (Formerly Trap Adventure 2) is an extremely difficult action-adventure game, which is making gamers crazy at the moment. This is part 2 of the game series of the same name from the developer Coder15. Trap Adventure 2 has many unexpected pitfalls, making the game so difficult that people want to smash their phones. Please join us to find out more about this cool game right now!

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Interesting gameplay

Trap Adventure 2 is inspired by the game Mario rescued the princess. Also, we will conquer each level to find the last prison room to save the princess in the dungeon. However, this journey is much more difficult. Specifically, gamers not only have to overcome difficult challenges but also suffer physical pain along the way.

Also, players have to move step by step to walk on the tiny steps filled with spikes. They will kill you if you don’t move cleverly. Each step is a challenge, which will leave many wounds. If you want to win this game, the only thing you can do is to remember where the traps appear every time you die. Then, you should pass them gradually to reach the check-points to save as much time as possible.

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Unexpected pitfalls

The traps are very unexpected. You will not know before it appears until you are flying in the air and do not know where to land. For example, the spike table suddenly appears, making all their predictions. I dissipate that my body falls apart and have to restart the game. However, you will have a certain number of turns. The higher you go, the more lives you will accumulate.

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A very difficult game

Trap Adventure is a series of games that are very difficult to play today. Even the publisher has recommended this game is not for hot-tempered and emotional people. There are 2 game modes in the latest version, consisting of normal and difficult. They will help you choose the challenges that suit your abilities, thereby getting used to and interact better with the game.

Although it is so difficult, the game is still very famous for its humor and funny dead situations. Famous gamers or Streamers in the world have also experienced this game and rated it as a game very well. It trains you with patience, emotional restraint, and high entertainment.

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The game has quite simple controls. In the game, you just need to use the 4 navigation keys available on the screen to move the character. However, the movement is not easy. Besides, an extremely memorable experience that should not be overlooked is extremely attractive with many interesting emotions and levels. Readers can download Trap Adventure 2 to start this exciting adventure. Thanks and have fun!

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