Truberbrook MOD APK (Paid) v1.3

Full NameTruberbrook
Mod FeaturesPaid
Latest Version1.3
RequireAndroid 6.0+
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Headup is a well-known game publisher with many famous products, such as Bridge Constructor, Dead Age, or Pixel Heroes: Byte & Magic. Recently, they have had a remarkable event, which is releasing an interesting game, Truberbrook MOD APK (Paid). It is a fascinating game that used to be very successful on the console. At the moment, it is available for $ 6.49. You can pay your Google Play account, or download the free version at the end of this article. First, please join us to find out more about this great game below!



The story

Truberbrook revolves around the main character Hans Tannhauser – an American student. His major was quantum. In the game, he spent his summer vacation to a remote village in western Germany, named Truberbrook. While he was trying to complete his doctoral dissertation, Tannhauser noticed miracles unfolding in the village. But he couldn’t describe them and knew what was going to happen. He just knew that if this continues, the world would be finished.

Fortunately, Tannhauser met Gretchen, an archeology professor. They learned about the strange problem and knew that it was a parallel universe. However, what happened there? And how do I get it to stop before it’s too late? The two characters have to find out the answers to these questions and save the world.

Truberbrook mod apk gameplay download

The gameplay

Truberbrook is an adventure game with Point-and-Click gameplay. It includes puzzles, and your goal is to solve them. Specifically, you have to look for the mysterious things going on in the village and stop it.

Besides, Truberbrook has fairly simple gameplay. You move through the operations on the touchscreen, interact with someone, and make decisions like a visual novel game. But there are also difficulties when you have to come up with solutions to certain puzzles. Perhaps you will have to be more adventurous, while not forgetting to observe and pay attention to how the surrounding objects operate.

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New lands

Initially, you will explore locations in the village. When the story unfolds, you will go to caves, forests, and mountain slopes. The scene gradually becomes darker. Also, the single rays of light, shining through the leaves, make you feel mysterious and a little creepy. At this point, the things you are looking for are hidden here. Sometimes, they are symbols or a hidden portal to another world.


Overall, Truberbrook is an attractive game, from gameplay, graphics to in-game features. They all make you fascinated from the first experience. Truberbrook has received many positive reviews from gamers on PC, PS4, Switch, and X-box One. Now, it is released on the Android operating system. Also, it is your chance to experience, explore, and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the game.

To download Truberbrook you need to follow these steps:

• First, download Truberbrook’s APK and OBB files.

• Second, unzip the file “”.

• Third, copy the folder “com.headup.truberbrook” to the folder “Android / OBB”.

• Fourth, install the APK file

New update:
Increased stability and performance.
Decreased install size by roughly 500MB.
Disabled Display sleep.
Minor bugfixes.
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