UNKILLED MOD APK v2.1.10 (Unlimited Ammo)

Full NameUNKILLED - Zombie Games FPS
PublisherMADFINGER Games
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Ammo
Latest Version2.1.10
RequireAndroid 4.1+
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Madifingames is the creator of legendary FPS shooters, which have conquered the mobile gaming community with compelling, engaging gameplay and extremely quality graphics. The game, UNKILLED MOD APK, was released by Madfinger Games not long ago, which followed the seniors like Dead Trigger, Shadowgun: Legend… This is a very dramatic Zombie game with extreme graphics. Also, the game promises to bring storms of bullets and aggressive zombie swarms to satisfy gamers who love the action shooting game genre.

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The story

If Dead Trigger has an interesting plot, in which you were lucky to survive and fight with zombies, it is different from UNKILLED. In this game, you will play the role of the guy named Joe – one of the members of the force WOLFPACK. In the fantasy New York City, where the zombie virus exploded vigorously, the whole street was flooded with zombies, the virus spreads and mutants make the zombies become giant and aggressive monsters. So Joe’s mission would have to find and destroy the source of the pandemic, preventing it from breaking out around the world.


The gameplay

In UNKILLED, the gameplay is similar to the precedent – Dead Trigger. From very first sight, you will control your character moving by the virtual button on the screen. Besides, players will play the role of this Joe guy and take on the task of killing zombies with his teammates. Initially, players will be instructed on how to join a certain party. After completing this step, at least one mission, after finishing a task, your team will have at least one more member. However, Joe still played the role of responsibility of a commander.

UNKILLED gameplay

Gameplay guideline

  • In each mission, the player has unlimited ammunition. You have to aim at the Zombie and start firing.
  • In each mission, the player will be required to destroy a certain number of zombies. If there are too many enemies appearing, you can use Multirockets.
  • When you reach a new level, the player will receive gold and cards with weapons, tools, boots, boxes and other items. In addition, you can use heavy weapons in some missions. At this time, players only have one weapon without any supporting items.
  • Besides, gamers can upgrade weapons for more bullets, more powerful gun bodies and gun barrels. Also, there are some important aids like Adrenalin, which will help you increase your damage and ammunition.
  • In addition to being confronted with many evil monsters, players also experience in a wide variety of game contexts such as the garage, warehouse, brothel, commercial center, factory, bridge, New York B, New York A, subway, highways, suburbs and sewers. In each of these locations, the characteristics of zombies are different to give players a new sense of combat.

The key features

Weapons system

UNKILLED’s weapons system is extremely varied, so you will have many choices to fight such as rifles, submachine guns, sniper rifles and bows. Moreover, there are various types of melee knives like MG42, GATLING, SAIGA-12, TOMAHAWK, LSAT, M16, PP2000, M24 SWS… You will be equipped with the most modern weapons to save the world. In addition, the most prominent weapon system is the missile system, which you can use it to completely clean up the terrain and destroy zombies quickly. Not only is the shooter game, but UNKILLED also has the elements of RPG through the weapon upgrades.

UNKILLED download apk

The rich missions and bosses system

UNKILLED includes 300 missions with a lot of zombies for you to fight. With such a number of enemies, you need to fight heavy-duty. The most prominent names of your enemies are Sheriff, Dodger, Nukleon, etc. Please refer to the 4 most powerful bosses in UNKILLED as below:

  • Sheriff: This boss has a very powerful skill, which is a series of punches (Shockwave Punch).
  • Nukleon: This boss has a special ability to emit radioactive substances but does not work with the close and middle range.
  • Butcher: It owns an iron hand with the ability to create bloody battlefields but it is “useless” in a limited area.
  • Minesweeper, which can create an explosion in a large area. But it can also kill other zombies.
  • Dogger: This is a boss Zombie, which can run at super speed. However, its armor is very fragile.

UNKILLED Free Dowwnload

The simple controls mechanism

Basically, compared to Dead Trigger 2, UNKILLED also has many more highlights. The controller is one of the most prominent features. It is very smooth. Now, the whole device screen becomes the control center with two virtual buttons in two corners screen to move characters and observe around. In addition, when going to higher levels, players will receive other types of support. They are arranged in the upper right corner of the screen. UNKILLED also instructs players to approach the new location through a counter in the middle of the screen accompanied by a directional arrow. Gamers can look here to know the next position of the corpse.

The high-quality sound and graphics

The other highlight of Unkilled is the high-resolution 3D graphics. The game was designed in detail from the smallest things like trees, electric poles, wooden crates… to the high buildings, Cars sprawled in roads, zombies… Eventually, the reflection of sunlight is reproduced in a very authentic and sharp way. Besides, the sound also contributes a great part to the drama of the game with the sound of scurrying guns and zombies creaming.

UNKILLED The Graphics

The latest updates

Skirmish Ops for PvP mode with:

  • Forming a zombies army by using collected DNA patterns and improving the appearance of zombies
  • Using the zombie forces to attack opponent’s base
  • Defending your fortress from the invasion of the enemy
  • Displaying the total score on the chart
  • Neutral Zombies has a variety of harder missions.
  • Adding some new weapons: Luger P 08, Kyu guntō, Simonov SKS and Thompson M1928.
  • The game provides the rankings board for the number of headshots and the number of bosses killed.
  • In addition, UNKILLED also improved the play instructions and prize system after completing the missions according to the plot progress.


UNKILLED mod apk


UNKILLED is a great Zombie Shooting game from the manufacturer for its gameplay, features and graphics. The game gives players an extremely attractive feeling, satisfying the passion for action games fans. In this article, modgameapk.net provides you with the greatly modified version of the game named UNKILLED MOD APK, which gives you more advanced features than the original version. If you have any questions about the game, please leave a comment below. Do not forget to visit our website regularly for more interesting games! Thanks and have a fun game!

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