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Utopia Origin for Android

Utopia: Origin is a survival game with complete 3D graphics. The game will take players to the mythical context where many mystical creatures were living. Besides, it is considered to give gamers a fascinating survival product with the colourful world. Utopia: Origin promises to be a unique game on the mobile platform.

The game background

Utopia: Origin does not have a specific plot and takes a basic context like other fiction stories. The game places players in hunting and gathering competition. There are many activities that match real life such as cutting trees, mining, manipulating the necessary tools to harvest fruits, hunting animals for food, protecting themselves from the dangers and building houses. You will feel like you are in the real activities.

Utopia Origin apk

The gameplay

About the gameplay of Utopia: Origin, we can only say that it is extremely addictive. As soon as you step into the game, you will be taken to a completely vast and mysthical world. In which, you can freely explore. Everything is under your control. At the beginning, you will meet a spirit character as an instructor who will teach you ways to survive. In the game, your work is quite simple. Like other open world survival games, you have to collect a lot of resources such as wood, iron, stone… After getting enough materials, you can combine them to create many equipment or structures for survival in this new world. From a small hut, you have to create and develop a castle. When you have a good status, it’s time to explore your surroundings. Environment in Utopia: Origin is quite diverse from islands, forests, deserts, mountains, treasures … In each geographical position, it will also bring unique resources and secrets which is hidden deep that you can slowly explore during the game.

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The key features of Utopia: Origin

Build your own clan

In any game, creating your own clan is always the most attractive and important feature. In Utopia: Origin, players can choose to create or join other players. After becoming a member of the clan, the player must attempt to collect stones and wood to upgrade it to become a strong alliance.

Utopia Origin map

The diverse item system

Utopia: Origin has a rich item system that is linked together. They relate to others so you have to explore patiently. However, gamers are required to find items that match their current level because the backpack only has limited capacity. If you were too greedy, your backpack would be filled with unnecessary items. Also, it will become too heavy and reduce your character’s speed. The higher the level is, the more items you have to equip. It is really a challenge for many players if they want to build a huge property.

The abundant weapons system

In the game, weapons are made to suit each player’s activity. If you cut the trees, the axe will give you more damage than you use a hammer. When you want to fight monsters or fight beasts, pestle will bring a great amount of damage. In addition, pestle has the ability to make the animal stunned. Besides, the pickaxe is suitable for collecting stones to build a house. Each weapon of the player will have a column displayed on the side, which is equivalent to the maintenance time required. When the weapon is too bad, the player will no longer be able to use it and must repair it. In addition, bows and magic sticks are also available in the game but they are quite redundant and very troublesome to use.

Utopia Origin items

Rich character system

In Utopia: Origin, each character will have 3 important indicators: Blood, Hunger and Thirst. The Hunger Index will drop very quickly so gamers must keep their eyes on and promptly feed. If you only eat the pieces of meat from the animals, this index will recover very little. The game forces the player to go out to the campfire, combine the pieces of meat and fruit together for making bigger meals which will make Hunger indicator recover faster. Moreover, the character also has a very large costume system. Gamers can unlock it when they reach the required level. Each costume will give players different advantages such as better cold tolerance, better armour or more beautiful. However, creating costumes is quite complicated. Sometimes it will discourage players.

In addition, players can choose to play their characters from the first or third perspective. With the first view, the surrounding vision will be narrowed. In which, the movement is difficult even for gamers who are familiar with this perspective. I recommend gamers to use the third view because you will have a better observation. Besides, you should rotate the camera at a third view, which is also easier than the first view.

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Looking for a good companion

Every creature that the player meets in the game can become a good companion for you. Whether it’s a cat or a shark, even a fire dragon can be domesticated. You just use a stick to stun them and feed them food then they will follow you. The domestication mechanism is quite easy. To be able to find and ride the unique beasts, the player must reach a very high level.

The great graphics and sound

Utopia: Origin is an online game so the biggest graphics requirement is the level of frame stability. The game does not own an impressive graphics platform, but in return, the frame rate always ranges from 30 to 60 FPS. The lower-end phones also remain above 30 FPS. Besides, the Utopia world is designed to give it a very great feeling. Although the area that you can interact is very small, map areas are somewhat similar, not really creating a unique feature for each region. The game has many special effects with a pleasant view. Also, Utopia is a beautiful game in a cartoon style.

In terms of sound, Utopia has a gentle melodic sound that matches the gameplay and the context of a fairytale. Basically, the music in Utopia is very suitable for relaxation. Besides, the game still has a diverse sound system like footsteps, cutting trees, the cries of animals… They help the world in Utopia more lively.

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Overall, Utopia: Origin is a great game worth a long experience. The day-night weather system, the character’s survival index or dense item system will make you addicted to Utopia’s gameplay. If you have never played the games with a slow pace, Utopia is well worth your try. Let’s download and enjoy the game right now! Do not forget to visit our website regularly for more interesting games and apps! Thanks and have a fun game!

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