Vainglory APK + OBB MOD (Money / Skills) v4.7.0

New update :
  • New costumes
    Celeste student (Legendary)
    Fortress Kirin (Legendary)
    Phinn human (legendary)
    update the game mode special Blitz (Beta)
    Great legendary custumes
    The cheaper Treasures and keys
    Cheaper heroes, costumes and skills

Vainglory is an interesting MOBA game on mobile developed by Super Evil Megacorp. It is said to have many similarities with League of Legends on PC. This product is also considered as the “pioneer” for mobile esports genre – the popular gaming trend in the world. Vainglory also launched a PC version, making it the first MOBA game on the mobile platform.

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The general gameplay

Vainglory is rated as the standard of mobile MOBA game series, which is a model for other similar titles to develop later on. In the game, you will control a general who fought in a 3vs3 battle for protecting the main house called Vain crystal. Besides, you have to destroy the main house on the opponent’s side, destroy their base and win the game. Vainglory makes a difference by adding Kraken’s appearance, which is a neutral monster that will appear in the middle of the map after 15 minutes. Especially after defeating this monster, instead of getting a power buff, the Kraken will automatically join his side to attack towards the opponent’s main house.

We can say that Vainglory always attracts players by unique gameplay that makes unity between players.

Vainglory apk gameplay

How to play Vainglory effectively

You need to care about the towers

Of course, no matter how strong it is, there must be a weakness, so is the defensive towers. Like in League of Legends, the pillars will always attack the opponent’s soldiers before attacking the general. You will be safe if you attack the base with a troop. Therefore, the best way to destroy the pillar is to destroy all the enemy soldiers first then use your soldiers as a shield to protect you from the other side’s towers. Your hero will gradually develop from weak to very strong in about 20 minutes per game.

Hero’s power

Hero’s power can be increased from three things: Leveling up, buying equipment and increasing skill points. The stronger the General is, the higher the chances of breaking the opponent’s main house will be.

The amount of gold

One thing to remember, Vainglory is not only a race in terms of tactical coordination but also in terms of economics. Which team has a higher level and buys more advanced equipment, that team will be more likely to win.

Vainglory apk coins

The important operations

In the game, you should always put your hands on mobile devices. You will control the hero completely by just touching the screen. Because the game is quite fast-paced, so it’s best to put your device on a flat surface and play with your index fingers. This way will help you control the generals in the fastest and most flexible way.

Move: Touch anywhere on the screen to move to that location (You can press the location on the minimap to move). Basic attack: Touch any enemy in your vision to attack them. Your hero will attack automatically until the new command or target has been destroyed. Besides, you just press once and don’t need to press the screen repeatedly to attack the enemy. After the target is destroyed, the general will automatically attack another target if it is available.

Raising skill points: Click the [+] mark at the top of the skill icon to increase the skill level. The in-game generals have a maximum of 12 levels, corresponding to a total of 12 points for 2 common skills and 1 final skill called Ultimate (only increased from level 6). In particular, you can make 5 points into two common skills and 3 points in Ultimate, but so need a total of 13 points but only 12 levels for the general. Therefore, when you reach max level, you will have a common skill that has one more point than the other skill. Depending on the general or strategy, you can choose the appropriate direction to increase the skill accordingly.

About the base: If you have fought so hard that you have run out of blood and mana, you can press the [Home] icon at the bottom right of the screen to be teleported back to the base quickly. However, the teleportation process requires 5 seconds without interruption. It means that, if you are in the process of moving, attacking or being attacked, you cannot use this feature.

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The key features of Vainglory

Attractive game modes

In addition to the traditional 3vs3 mode, Vainglory also has many additional ones as below:

5v5: this mode has just been released and is highly noticed by the gaming community. In this mode, the map is wider; the resources are richer; the pillar is bigger; the forest monsters are also increasing; the 5vs5 level will also have some equipment added accordingly.

Raid: In this mode, the player only has 5 minutes to complete his goal, in which he can kill an enemy or a tower. Each life is counted 1 point. The team that wins 15 points first will win the game. In addition, the gameplay of the raid mode is fast and chaotic. However, it will save time and also help players train their favourite generals.

Royal: In royal mode, players will randomly select a hero to fight on the main road. In which, you cannot teleport to the main house, cannot “farm” monsters. Also, you can only buy items if you are killed and revived in the main house.

Vainglory 5v5

Diversified general system

About the general system, the game has more than 35 generals and 100 different skins. Each of them has different roles and skills. There are generals you have to play many times and require high skills to be able to master him.

Vainglory champ

Weapon system and equipment

In Vainglory’s battle, options are available at the bottom right corner of the screen. Shop section allows you to buy weapons, abilities, defenses and items. If you are a newcomer, you can refer to the “recommend” section to get the best advice. Besides, there are many different items that you can learn to equip your hero in a reasonable way. Each hero has a different way of dressing up. In each time, you have to equip a different device to win the enemy formation and find out the different way to destroy the enemy’s base the fastest.

Vainglory items

Power delivery and control

Vainglory owns the simple control mechanism, in which gamers just touch the screen to control the character. Therefore, you will not feel constrained by the joystick on the game screen anymore.

In addition, the game is designed with a quite simple interface. On the main menu, you will see 4 options including Public Match, Training, Practice and Party. Of course, you will have to start the journey with Training. For new players, they should overcome the first monster challenge to continue playing other modes.

Vainglory apk game mod

The graphics and sound

Vainglory is popular with beautiful 3D graphics with unique skill sets and effects. The harmonious combination of different dark colours is also a very important point when it helps you play for many hours without getting tired.

Besides, graphics are extremely vivid. The effects of the skills are extremely gorgeous and beautiful. The background music and sound effects are great to make every gamer excited. In particular, the soundtrack of the game is always updated and renewed regularly by the manufacturer, bringing a sense of relaxation and relief when having to fight continuously.

Vainglory graphics

The new features of Vainglory version 4.7.0 (97306):

Improve the players’ matching system

  • Experienced players will have less chance to meet less experienced players. It makes the game more equal.
  • Revise the system to assess the player’s level so that the way to calculate the score after the game is more accurate based on many factors.
  • Adjust the battle pairing method when searching by Party to increase the competition for the game.

Improve the chat system

  • While typing chat content, you can still see what your friends have sent.
  • Unsent chat content will be automatically saved if the keyboard is minimized.
  • The keyboard will automatically close when touching the outside area. Besides, the auto-fix feature will increase the chatting speed.
  • New message notifications can be turned off in Settings.

Limit the AFK players

Specifically, the penalty for regular AFK gamers has become much more serious: the game will deducte more Karma points, as well as, the wait time for matches is longer. In addition, players with a high Karma score will be less likely to be placed on the same battle line as new or regular AFK players.

Reduced requirements for transmission lines

Lag is always a terrible nightmare for many Vainglory followers. Now the required bandwidth in the game has been reduced by 70% to minimize lag.

The information of Vainglory APK + OBB MOD (Money / Skills) v4.7.0 (97306)

  • Name: Vainglory
  • Version: 4.7.0 (97306)
  • Publisher: Super Evil Megacorp
  • Size: 15 MB (APK)  +1.21G ( OBB)
  • MOD: Money / Skills
  • Support: Android 4.1 +
  • ROOT: Not needed.

Vainglory apk mod


Super Evil Megacorp has produced a perfect game in terms of gameplay, graphics, features as well as integrating a lot of devices. Even though it was released a long time ago, the gamers still keeps increasing. In this article, would like to provide players with Vainglory APK MOD (Money / Skills) with many interesting modified features, bringing the more comfortable gaming experience to the players. Please follow the page to update more interesting games and apps. Thanks and have a fun game!

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