Full NameVery Little Nightmares
PublisherBANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe
Mod FeaturesPaid
Latest Version1.2.2
RequireAndroid 4.4+
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Very Little Nightmares is an interesting horror adventure and puzzle game. It is developed by Bandai Namco and Alike Studio. After the success on the PC, Xbox One, PlayStation, Very Little Nightmares was officially launched on Android and IOS. In the game, gamers play the role of little Six, who has to escape from a mysterious mansion named The Nest. What terrible is lurking in this dark house? Please download and discover the game right now!

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The story

Little Nightmares APK was released by Bandai Namco on PC in 2017. This game revolves around the escape of Six – a 9-year-old girl who wants to escape from a horror dungeon on a small island called The Maw. This is the place to welcome the ships with the rich guests, or stop to rest on their trip. In which, the guests will be served the food that makes them eat constantly and become fat – all just of a terrible conspiracy of Lady – the owner of this island. Lady is a woman obsessed with beauty. Many theories claim that Lady realized Six was more beautiful than her. Then, she sent Six to the underground dungeon, where everything scary happens.

Six found out that the children were brought here and fattened to serve as ingredients for the dishes served to the guests. After that, Lady will drain the lives of these victims to make her immortal. At this point, Six will have to find a way to escape from this dungeon before the long-arms monsters. It can catch you at extremely far distances. Although the eyes are blind, he is extremely hearing and even a small noise can make you get caught.

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New horror game

Very Little Nightmares APK is a horror game that looks like an anime but is extremely scary. Although no demons or any spiritual forces are hiding in the darkness and suddenly jumping out to scare you, the horror elements are enough

to make you terrified. The gameplay of Very Little Nightmares APK is a combination of platform and puzzle elements. It uses puzzles based on interactive physics, requiring the player to think and make use of the elements in the surroundings to protect his life.

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Unique graphics

Very Little Nightmares APK has beautiful 3D graphics, with dark and creepy context. The contrast between colors and light effects makes the game even scarier. The lighting effects are very real. All create a terrible nightmare for players. It is the gamer who created the end for this escape. Success or not depends on your decision and choice.

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Overall, Very Little Nightmares APK is a great game, with similar gameplay and storyline to Limbo. However, this game stands out with an extremely cute character design, without any negative horror characteristics. Besides, you can freely use your intellect and any skills to solve challenging puzzles. Readers can download Very Little Nightmares APK at the link below.

New update:

General bug fixes and improvements.

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