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After the great success of the management game BTS World, the popular Kpop music group BTS has just launched an official social network application called Weverse. It will connect with fans around the world. Most importantly, it is offical and extremely secured. The A.R.M.Y worldwide must be very happy to hear the born of Weverse. This app promises to completely change the way that you and other fans interact with your idol. Please join us to check it right now!

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The content of BTS Weverse

Most K-Pop artists use a Korean forum called Fancafe to communicate and share exclusive content with their fans. But this app is operated by a third-party web portal called DAUM, which is not easy for international fans to access and use. Based on BTS’s global popularity, it’s not strange that Big Hit announced the launch of an official social networking app for A.R.M.Y named Weverse. It aims at the international fan community.

Weverse is a tool for BTS and A.R.M.Y to interact with each other more closely. Also, it is a good place to post important content related to the group. According to Big Hit, BTS will connect and interact with fans with text messages as well as video clips and images through the app. Besides, The BTS Weverse app is a global social network for A.R.M.Y, developed by beNX, a subsidiary of Big Hit Entertainment. Previously, TXT also opened a community on Weverse. Therefore, fans are looking forward to the various forms of communication on BTS Weverse.

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The key features

Making friends with the A.R.M.Y community around the world

With BTS Weverse, users can create posts and share beautiful photos related to your favorite idol. Besides, you can also show your support for the creativity of other fans by cheering and commenting on their posts. Along with BTS Weverse, you can see the schedule, the daily activities of the idol. More importantly, it is to find friends to unite into a large and passionate fan community.

Exclusive content about your favorite singers

Currently, with social media being transformed into a lot of different forms of advertising, the official information about famous artists is always a big concern for fans. BTS Weverse will give A.R.M.Y official release songs, albums as well as a lot of exclusive content about BTS. Surely, you will not be able to find them anywhere else. Besides, BTS Weverse also has a translation feature, which can translate to more than 50 different languages. This feature will translate the posts of your favorite members into another language with just one touch.

Updated homepage continuously

BTS Weverse always shows you the latest news and content from Big Hit artists. The latest content and news about BTS, TXT, Gfriend are always updated quickly on the app. Users can see the latest beautiful moments and updates from the artists when you open the app. Moreover, BTS Weverse also opens for fans of BUDDY and GFRIEND.

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Overall, BTS Weverse is an extremely good application for fans BTS. It updates the latest image of the idol, accurate information about your idols, the full language system that makes it easier for you to exchange and make friends. Readers can download BTS Weverse APK to be able to join with tens of millions of BTS fans around the world. Thanks and have fun!

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