Who Dies First MOD for Android is a new interesting game from Stupid Game developer. Although this publisher has the name Stupid, their games are not stupid or silly at all. Who Dies First MOD is a very entertaining and funny intellectual game. Besides, the game also has a lot of tough quizzes that require your high intelligence. Moreover, this game is also inspired by the stick character. This is a very popular game genre that has confirmed its name in the mobile games market. It is not difficult for Who Dies First MOD to win the hearts of the players. Let’s check it out below!

Who Dies First apk mod gameplay

The game content

Who Dies First MOD is a game with funny stories and stick figures. In each game, you will witness the unfinished stories of jokes and laughs. Also, you will have to answer a question: “who will die first?”. Moreover, the way of death is so stupid that you cannot help laughing.

In addition, Who Dies First MOD also owns extremely simple gameplay. In the game, you must witness the story and guess who will die first. You can try to guess right to unlock new levels. Because time is limited, you should guess as quickly and accurately as possible to get more keys. Of course, the key will contribute to opening new levels for you. Each level will be a super tough puzzle. The difficult will be gradually increased, so you have to focus more and more on the game.

Also, the in-game currency is the key. Initially, you will be given a game with 70 keys. In each game screen, you will be deducted corresponding 5 keys. After guessing who will die first, you will receive the same amount of keys. If you are wrong, you will not receive any keys and the number of keys will decrease if you make too many mistakes after each level. So be careful when deciding who will die first.

Who Dies First apk mod

The key features of Who Dies First MOD (Unlimited Keys / Remove Ads)

The game has been modified and added 2 features: First, it is the mod of the unlimited key, which helps you have a huge number of keys without spending a lot of time to play the game. The second, the game will remove ads completely. There are no annoying ads that disturb your gaming experience.

The game modes in Who Dies First MOD

Who Dies First MOD owns two different levels, namely “Stupid boy” and “Domino”. Each mode will have its own appeal for you to explore.

  • “Stupid boy” mode: this mode will help you have the best relaxing moments. You will witness the funny stories, the bad jokes or the love stories of the old FA (Forever Alone). However, the game still retains its logic even in such entertainment mode.
  • Next, the “Domino” mode will help you practice logical thinking. This mode has extremely difficult puzzles. The puzzles will involve super-logical Domino chain effects, which will make you smarter, but it can make you depressed with super-tough puzzles.

Who Dies First MOD owns two separate modes with a completely clear purpose. One mode will help you improve your thinking skills and one mode will help you relax. They will help you balance your brain. For example, when you encounter a difficult question that you have not yet thought of, you can switch the game mode to relax the mind. As soon as you feel comfortable, you can continue solving puzzles in another mode. This is great for the puzzle games that publisher STUPID GAME wants to give us.

The graphics

Similar to other stickman themed games, Who Dies First MOD possesses simple 2D graphics. The objects and people are simulated in a minimalist and funny way. Because this is a puzzle game, it only possesses good enough graphics. If you are looking for a nice graphic game, this game cannot meet your requirements. But if you are looking for a simple and light game, this is a perfect choice.

Who Dies First apk mod download


Overall, Who Dies First MOD is a super fun puzzle game. You can practice extremely good thinking skills by answering questions in the game. Moreover, you can also entertain after stressful working hours with jokes in this game. Readers can download the game at the link below. Thanks and have fun!


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