Wildscapes APK MOD ( Infinite Moves, Boosters) v1.2.5.0

New update :
  • Bug fixes and improvements
  • Please update the game to the latest version.
    * Get boosters for beating levels in a row in the Lucky Helmet event starting in mid-August!
    * Collect stars for beating levels and unlock the Zoo Chest
    * Welcome raccoons, moose, bald eagles, lynx, and grizzly bears!
    * New visitor: Harold the Vet.
    * New decorations: forest berries, attractions, and statues.
    * Make matches with colored Keys to unlock Chests!

Wildscapes is a great puzzle game with a familiar match-3 style from Playrix publisher. This game is considered as a sequel to Gardenscapes and Homescapes, which modgameapk.net introduced to you in previous articles. Unlike the other 2 games, the scene in Wildscapes will not be in the beautiful little house or in Austin’s small garden. Wildscapes will take us to a large abandon zoo. You will manage and develop it to be a beautiful place with cute creatures. The ultimate goal is to attract more and more visitor. Of course, the more the visitors are, the more the money you will have. Let’s check it out right now!

Wildscapes apk mod



The game content

Surely, the zoo is one of the most favourite places for every family, school or even lovers for sightseeing. There are many cute animals such as pandas, monkeys, tiger, elephant, hippopotamus, etc. However, in the game, you receive this zoo at a difficult time. It is very poor. Your job is to manage and develop it to be a beautiful place in the city.

In Wildscapes, you play the zoo manager named Zack. His zoo is extremely chaotic. Of course, Zack is facing a lot of trouble. The animals are hungry then they are gradually leaving the zoo. The plants in the zoo are gradually drying out and falling everywhere. Zack’s mission is to restore the zoo as in the beginning. To do it, Zack has to solve many puzzles to earn items. Besides, you have a companion as a lovely panda.

Wildscapes apk mod content

The familiar Match-3 gameplay

In Wildscapes, the gameplay is generally similar to the 2 games we mentioned earlier including Gardenscapes and Homescapes. Your goal is simple that is deleting match-3 or more blocks to complete the goal of the game screen. However, you only have a few certain moves. You will feel quite easy with the first few levels. When you go further, the levels become more and more difficult. It requires you to use your thinking and agility in moves to overcome the task. After completing a stage, you will go to the next one. It will be great if you go through a game that takes as few steps as possible, which will bring more stars for you. You can use these stars to fill the chests. When these 2 chests are full, the game will reward you with a corresponding amount of money. The more you play the game, the more chance you will have to unlock and match new animals and plants. Soon, your zoo will be full of cute creatures and developed.

Wildscapes apk mod gameplay

Many interesting tasks

In addition to playing the puzzle mode to earn money to upgrade your zoo, the game also gives you a lot of interesting tasks. For example, taking care of the visitors, help a family look for a lawn for taking a rest, looking for a place with a panda or help a photographer look for a beautiful scene to take a photo. You will play the role of a guider in these cases. During the duty, you will see a variety of support items. You have to use them properly.

As we mentioned, you will have a companion that is a lovely panda. He will help you count the number of rows, the number of columns you passed and put the support items in your chest.

Build your zoo

With the money earned after each game, you can unlock decorative items as well as develop the zoo your way. Using gold coins, items to build more habitats for each animals’ species. A penguin family will have to live in a lake with cold water and ice; an elephant will have to live in a garden full of grass and old trees, etc. You can even build more environments like fountains or outdoor games. Don’t forget to plant lots of trees to bring in a fresh atmosphere for your zoo.

To build, decorate and unlock more creatures, you need a lot of money. Some animals or high-end decorative objects require diamonds (the game’s most expensive currency). However, Modgameapk.net gives you Wildscapes mod version (Unlimited money) to solve this problem. With this version, you can freely buy, unlock the rarest and magnificent creatures for your zoo. Don’t forget to protect and take care of them carefully.

Wildscapes apk mod zoo

The graphics

Playrix game titles are always appreciated by bright graphics and extremely harmonious colour combinations. Indeed, Wildscapes brings you beautiful 3D graphics with high resolution. Besides, the game features lots of cute and funny images.

Wildscapes apk mod graphics


Wildscapes is a highly entertaining game. It is not too heavy on logic or skills. Instead, the game brings more relaxation for players. I like this game very much, which brings beautiful graphics as well as attractive gameplay. If you have any idea about the game, please leave comments under the comment section in the article. Readers can download Wildscapes APK MOD (Money) at the link below. Thanks and have a fun game!

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