Will It Shred? MOD APK (Unlimited Money/No Ads) v1.1.8

Will It Shred? MOD APK (Unlimited Money/No Ads) is a new fun game for developers BoomBit. This is a popular game maker with many interesting games. Before Will It Shred?, we can mention a great intellectual bridge game, Build a Bridge. It has been making a trend in the game market. About Will It Shred?, this game gives players simple but addictive gameplay. Moreover, it promises to bring you many exciting experiences. With the crusher in hand, players can crush everything, which will release pressure and relieve stress very well. Please join us to check it out right now!

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The gameplay of Will It Shred? MOD APK

In Will It Shred?, players have the task of controlling a huge document shredder and destroying dozens of different objects such as pieces of wood, mobile phones, diamonds, mugs, plates… In the game, your goal is to simply make as much money as possible by destroying all kinds of objects. To start each stage, you just need to touch the object you want to “crush” and throw it into the shredder. Once the item is inside, you can watch it be destroyed until it is empty.

To be able to destroy more, players need to invest in improvements to their shredder, which helps them destroy objects faster and earn more money. So make sure you don’t forget to upgrade your machine if you want to go far in this quirky adventure.

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Crush everything you want

In this game, you can throw everything you think about into the machine. The seemingly simple things that you often use such as brushes, glass bottles, soda cans… However, it will suddenly have incredible attraction because these objects now do not appear to be used with the right usage. Instead, you will use them as the object for you to destroy. Eventually, you will encounter extremely difficult, creative items of the manufacturer. At this point, you should try to ask your brain what it would think of the hardest thing to put into the crusher? A car? A bulldozer? Or a toilet? They are all in the game Will It Shred? as a crushed victim. In addition to a bit of imagination, there is a legendary shield of Captain America.

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Upgrade the crusher

In the game Will It Shred?, all the items are available in stores with different prices. The price will depend on the unique image, ideas and effects that the item brings. When you crush something, it gives a certain amount of money. You should start with simple and cheap items. At this point, you can take that item to the crusher to earn extra money at the beginning levels. Just a few times, you have enough money to buy more special things. Remember, the higher the price of items is, the bigger the money you will receive. So, you never run out of money.

Moreover, players can also save money to upgrade parts of their machines. Specifically, you can upgrade the saw to increase the grinding speed of the machine; upgrade the gravity so that the item is pressed down quickly and strongly, creating a more exciting feeling for the player.

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The MOD feature

Unlimited Money: If you want to buy special items, you need a lot of money. In the original version, you have to spend a lot of time to accumulate money. However, you can forget it and focus on destroying things by using the modified version in this article.

No ads: Besides, the mod version with remove ads completely, which enhances your gaming experience very much.

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