Woodturning APK (MOD Unlimited Money) v1.8.4

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  • August 15, 2020
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It’s been a long time for us to back to an interesting game from Voodoo. Surely, there will be many people who know Voodoo developer as a game company with many famous games, which has a simple gameplay but with endless entertainment. Today, we would like to introduce to you a great game on the New Year called Woodturning APK (MOD Unlimited Money). This is an exciting simulation game, in which the player’s task is to use a chisel to carve all types of shapes on the wood. It is designed on vivid 3D graphics, promising to help you easily sculpt out many interesting shapes. Please join us to check it out right now!

Woodturning apk download

The gameplay

Like most fun games from VOODOO developers like Paper.io, Snaker.io!, Aquapark.io or Army Clash, Woodturning APK (MOD Unlimited Money) has a simple and intuitive control system. In every game screen, all you have to do is touch and move the chisel on the piece of wood to sculpt the shapes so that it looks like a given picture. Besides, this game also clearly shows the shape that you need to complete through the line on the piece of wood.

While carving all types of objects in the Woodturning APK MOD game, you have to make sure to use the chisel carefully. If you carve too much, you will break the texture of the woodblock. At this point, there will not be enough wood to create the shape. Remember that you can choose the best chisel type for each level at the bottom of the screen.

Woodturning apk mod download

The key features

In addition to the fairly creative gameplay, the game fully exploits the capabilities of the players. Woodturning APK (MOD Unlimited Money) also offers gamers lots of chisels with many different styles and shapes. There are three basic types, including large, medium and small. The large chisel has the

function of initial shaping from large wooden blocks; medium chisel is used to carve small details to create specific shapes; small chisel is to carve small details, meticulously complete the shape.

Besides, the game gives players diverse shapes and unique objects. The easiest can be mentioned as a cylindrical box; a little harder is the pine tree, chess pieces in a chessboard. The higher levels may be a pen or even a statue with a lot of details. Also, the game has endless instructions that are easy to understand and follow. Perhaps the hardest part here is how to master the chisel. This is completely based on your ability and patience.

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Overall, Woodturning APK (MOD Unlimited Money) is a fun, unique and interesting game. It is the most interesting that you only move the chisel but create all the items from wood. Readers can download the game at the link below. If you have any questions about the game, please leave a comment below. Thanks and have fun!

New update:
  • performance optimization
  • bug fixes
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