Full NameWorld War Heroes
PublisherAzur Interactive Games Limited
Mod FeaturesUnlimited
Latest Version1.32.2
RequireAndroid 4.4+
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World War Heroes MOD APK is an FPS game released by AIGL game maker with very interesting gameplay. The game will take gamers to many intense battles, highlighting the spirit of teamwork in dramatic multi-player fights. World War Heroes will make you immerse yourself in the Bloody War, surprising and dramatic like Call of Duty.

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World War Heroes cover image

The dramatic gameplay

World War Heroes put gamers in the context of World War II on soldiers’ uniforms of battle factions. Unlike many games with the same theme, Russian FPS games take gamers into a dramatic fight in the online arena. There, players will place their hands on great weapons and many modern military vehicles for the goal of glory. As mentioned earlier, this is a multiplayer online shooter, so you face real soldiers from all over the world.

Through each level of the game, players will collect a certain amount of gold for buying or upgrading weapons and equipment. This feature will really help a lot for players because the characters in the game will be stronger that can bring quality weapons to the battlefield.

World War Heroes gameplay

The highlights of World War Heroes

7 modes with intense battles

  • Deathmatch: In this mode, you have to be alone in the fierce survival battle, in which every player only fights for his survival.
  • Team Deathmatch: Team war and play in real-time.
  • Hardcore Mode: Test skills in fast-paced action battles.
  • Custom Mode: Create your own game mode and invite friends to join. This mode will be very attractive because you are confronted with friends and not too important about achievement or making money.
  • Bomb mode: This is a team battle with a single life and exciting bomb gameplay.
  • Team Squad: In this mode, you can join with other 3 people to fight all the best gunmen in the world.
  • Team battle on panzers: Instead of using regular weapons like guns and knives, your team will fight with tanks. This mode promises to be very attractive and offers extremely explosive movie footage to gamers.

World War Heroes APK GAME

The diverse arsenal with special customization capabilities

World War Heroes has more than 50 powerful weapons from pistols, shotguns, rifles, and grenades to heavy weapons like rockets and even tanks. Moreover, you can also customize the weapon and get a unique test pattern that changes color and all options from the barrel, the handle to the missile.

In addition, the game also optimizes the equipment like in the FPS shooter. The game provides you with equipment such as armor, ammunition or helmet, etc. Your job is to rush into battles, earn money and upgrade them to confront stronger opponents at the next game.

World War Heroes MOD GAME

The fierce battlefield

As mentioned above, World War Heroes is set in the context of the Second World War like many other great PC FPS games such as Battlefield or Call of Duty. Therefore, the battlefield in the game is also varied, from the fierce battlefields of Normandy beach or even the siege in Berlin, which are designed very authentic and grandiose.

The intuitive and easy control mechanism

Besides, the fans of the shooting game genre will not be too surprised because the controls mechanism of the characters is quite familiar. The virtual button on the left is used to move and the virtual keys on the right to change weapons, change bullets, shoot, bomb or run fast. In addition, World War Heroes not only allows players to use guns, knives, or swords but also allows gamers to control tanks on the battlefield. This is a new element that has never appeared before. Thereby, the player will be involved in a very intensive gun battle.

World War Heroes controls

Gifts for daily login

In the game, there will be a lot of gifts including equipment or weapons. Your job is to log into the game at least once a day to receive them. Besides, daily login also gives you a chance to get the bonus or Experience Points.

The beautiful 3D graphics and quality sound

World War Heroes has very nice 3D graphics with Engine Unity, which brings extremely lively frames for the best gaming experience. Besides, environmental design with smoke and fire effects or physics also allows the game to show deep footage of World War II.

In addition, the sound effects are also designed very elaborately. The plus points are the sound of gunfire, fire, or the sound of vehicles running on the battlefield. They are displayed lively.

World War Heroes graphics


With graphic design using high-end Unity Engine, perfect sound effects and intensive gameplay that inherits the essence of the Call of Duty and Battlefield, World War Heroes for Android promises to deliver the best FPS shooting experience on mobile. Interested readers can click the link below to download World War Heroes APK and MOD versions with advanced modifications.

New updates:

– New Battle Ticket season
– New weapon
– Upgraded Device Interface
– Improved Hit indicator
– Redesigned Battle rewards and mode missions
– Improved push notification system
– Updated Lottery
– Redesigned Match stage notifications and goal indicator
– Fix minor bugs

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