YouTube Vanced APK MOD v15.05.54

YouTube Vanced has considered a mod version of the official YouTube app on multiple platforms. It has many interesting features that are not available on the official YouTube. For example, you can listen to music on YouTube without turning on the screen or swiping to forward or adjust the volume. In this article, will introduce you to the outstanding features as well as how to download and use YouTube Vanced.

YouTube Vanced apk


The key features

YouTube Vanced is a Mod of YouTube with similar features to YouTube Red. Moreover, it is completely free. You will enjoy the videos without ads, and can open music videos in the background, watch videos as windows while opening other applications. Besides, YouTube Vanced also has Black Theme or Dark Theme. It looks better and not dazzled in the dark.

Use multiple applications in parallel

This feature allows YouTube Vanced to be displayed on other applications under a small frame. You can surf YouTube and Facebook or work with other applications at the same time. This feature allows you not to be interrupted when watching videos while doing others tasks. Users can enable this feature by going to Settings> General and activating the Picture-in-picture line.

YouTube Vanced apk multiple applications

Listen to music on YouTube without turning on the screen

Nowadays, people often like to listen to music on YouTube because of the abundant music storage. But the biggest weakness is that when listening to music on YouTube, users have to keep the phone screen always on. This causes the battery to drop very fast. However, it will be not with YouTube Vanced. We have done a small test. In which, we checked the level of battery consumption between the original YouTube version and YouTube Vanced. As a result, the MOD version has shown more battery saving results than the original version. Therefore, I think this is an excellent feature for those who like listening to music on YouTube. This feature is both convenient and very economical for the device.


Watching videos on YouTube with ads makes many users upset. Usually, the ads will be innocuous. Sometimes, it is quite meaningless or has less favorable content. You will no longer have this problem when using YouTube Vanced, which allows you to turn off ads when watching videos.

YouTube Vanced apk remove ads

Adjust the volume and brightness quickly

In addition to the above three features, you will be impressed with the swipe feature on the screen. It will help you increase or decrease the volume and brightness conveniently. I have seen this feature on a lot of apps. Unfortunately, it is not available on the original YouTube app. With YouTube Vanced, we can flexibly adjust screen sound and brightness without a hardware key or pull down the notification bar. We just slide my finger directly on the screen.

However, this feature is hidden and needs to be enabled for use. You can turn on this feature by going to Settings> Vanced Settings> Wipe Controls Next, turn on the options “Swipe Controls (Brightness) and Swipe Controls (Volume)”. After enabling the forward and volume up options, you turn on the video and expand it full screen. Next, swipe horizontally to fast forward and backward, swipe up and down to increase – decrease the volume.

YouTube Vanced apk volume and brightness

The disadvantages

Complex installation

YouTube Vanced is easy to see because it is not published by Google and not available on the CH Play store. Therefore, we have to install it via the APK file. We provided you with the installation method at the top of the article.

Need other tool to sync Google account

We have to install another utility, MicroG, to sync the Google account on Youtube Vanced in case you want to access your watching history and registered channels again. This makes me worry that using this app will affect my data security. But after a period, there was no problem with my phone or account.

Warning (or just reminding)!

Watching videos on YouTube with ads can also be seen as a way to support Youtubers who have made a very good product for us to enjoy. Surely, the commercial is a stable income that they need to maintain their YouTube Channels and continue producing other interesting videos. If you do not want to see ads, users have to pay a fee to buy the ad removal feature. But YouTube Vanced is a mod that offers this feature for free, and that makes content creators on YouTube it seems to be losing a their income. So we have to think twice before using Youtube Vanced or consider re-enabling ads when using.

YouTube Vanced apk icon

These are just my personal comments and reviews about Youtube Vanced. Overall this is a very useful application. But consider your work and respect the products of YouTubers around the world. Below is the Youtube Vanced download link. Readers can download and install as normal apk files. Wish you have an interesting moment with Youtube Vanced! Thanks and have fun!

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