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  • July 12, 2020
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ZOOM Cloud Meetings APK is a great app for creating or joining group meetings. It can support up to 100 people with clear live video, high-quality screen sharing and free messaging. In our opinion, with a very complicated Sars-CoV-2 situation at the moment, ZOOM Cloud Meetings is to study online and meeting at home. Besides, it is the perfect app to make important video calls and manage daily meetings effectively.

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The benefits of ZOOM Cloud Meetings

Among the many features in ZOOM Cloud Meetings, users will find the Calendar section where to schedule all meetings. Additionally, you can add reminders and set up video calls directly from this calendar to start the meeting without any difficulties.

When making a video call, users can use the front or rear camera, activate or mute the microphone and manage other basic adjustments to make the meeting as smoothly as possible. Also, you will see the name of the person you are connecting to and even record the calling progress.

With ZOOM Cloud Meetings APK, users can invite others to the meeting with a single link. Moreover, users can create remote meetings for the people they want to connect to and restrict access to your meetings. This is the perfect online meeting application to make video calls for work without having to worry about management or quality issues.

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ZOOM Cloud Meetings apk download

Instructions for using ZOOM Cloud Meetings APK

First, you can download the app at the link at the end of the post.

Second, open the app and log in to your account to access all the features. Also, users can join the meeting without logging in. At this point, you can click the gear icon to access basic meeting settings.

After signing in, touch Meet & Chat for the meeting features below:

  • Start meeting: Start a meeting immediately with your PMI or new meeting ID. Learn about meeting controls for the host.
  • Join: Join a meeting by meeting ID. Learn about the meeting control for attendees.
  • Schedule: Schedule the meetings.
  • Upcoming Meetings: View, edit, start or delete zoom meetings according to your schedule.
  • Click on your name to use your personal chat space.

You also have access to these chat features:

  • The plus icon: Start chatting directly with a single person.
  • Star icon: View and start chatting with the important channels that you mark star icon.

Press Phone to use the zoom feature on the phone

Note: Requires a Zoom Phone license.

  • Keypad tab: Call a number or contact by your direct phone number or company number.
  • History tab: View your calling history, including answered, missed and recorded calls.
  • Voicemail tab: Play and delete voicemail messages.

Click Contacts to list all your contacts and add new contacts

  • Directory tab: Click on contacts to start a one-on-one chat with them.
  • Channels tab: See the list of the star, public, and channel news.
  • Tab Zoom Rooms: View a list of Zoom Rooms. Click the Zoom room to start the meeting with it.
  • Plus sign icon: Add a custom contact or create a new channel for group messaging.

Click Settings to view meetings and chat settings.

  • Click on your name to change your profile picture, name and password.
  • Contacts: Find phone contacts that are using Zoom and approve contact requests.
  • Meeting: Change the settings to turn on/off the microphone, speaker, or video when you are in the meeting.
  • Notifications: Changes when Zoom notifies you about new messages.
  • Phone (only displayed if you have Zoom Phone): See your phone number and direct company number.
  • Chat: Turn on or off the preview of links in chat messages.
  • About Zoom: View the application version and send feedback.

ZOOM Cloud Meetings apk


In short, ZOOM Cloud Meetings is a great application that connects people worldwide. It can create a meeting with good quality. In the complex health problem at the moment, you should limit going out and meeting other people in publish. The best way to contact and meeting the people is to download ZOOM Cloud Meetings to be able to work most effectively

New update:
  • Unmute all for meetings of 200 participants or fewer
  • Option to delete questions
  • Personal locations for nomadic emergency services
  • Reconnect option
  • Enhancements to hiding outbound caller ID
  • Display names for phone numbers
  • Minor bug fixes
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